Kenya's Youngest Billionaire opens about his mental health after hearing my speech

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Today I stepped out with my Hesey Design bag custom made by Nigerian designer
and blue Ankara from my Kenyan designer Achie Otigo

Good evening beautiful people,
Don't let the start of this week fool you because I have ended my week on a HIGH note and not the medicinal high, I decide not to follow up on doctors to taper my meds and just split the meds into two and that is how you taper meds chldren. I wore my best Ankara pieces and began my day by going to the wrong hotel for the International Youth Day roundtable, confused Laico for Intercontinental and was already  serving breakfast before I found out I was in the wrong hotel so I had to leave my plate and run to Intercon in time to give my speech (read it here).

In the morning I tweeted this (y'all know I am a Jesus Lover)

So I showed up today and I sat on an amazing panel with NACADA Chair, John Mututho who is a really sober guy despite public opinion, really connected with Nominated MP, Isaac Mwaura who I will be doing some work with over the coming days, sat for lunch with the famous Dr. Kiima who gave me some wisdom and 'inspired yes inspired' a guy introduced to the audience as Kenyan's youngest billionare Heshan De Silva, who decided to share his drinking, drug addiction and suicide attempt and life with ADHD (a Mental Health/intellectual) condition after I opened up, see his tweet below.

After the roundtable discussion, it was fooood time, you all know I live to eat and I have never been ashamed of my love for food so I spent the evening with my beloved discovering Open House, the Indian Restaurant in Karen and laughed the night away, laughed to tears.
Indian Cuisine at Open House Karen
Despite living with a mental health condition, despite the week I had, I believe I have the bestest life ever and having God in it makes it even more better. I am truly blessed, how was your day? how was your week?
Sending love and light,

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