Please use your liberty to promote ours

9:47:00 PM

My devotional this morning was on the fruits of the Holy Spirit and i am battling with one and during quiet time, i was able to identify my weak link and come up with ways to prevent it. After devotion, I visited Wonder Workshop which reminded me so much about Kuona Art Centre in Nairobi, the only difference, Wonder Workshop is run (not owned though) by people living with disabilities; from the gate man to the guy who showed me around, Shukuru who was quick to show me a letter and photos of former US president George Bush, save for three people who I saw hanging around.

I got some amazing art pieces which I will be sharing as the days go by but today i am all about the neck piece in the picture made from bottle cans thingies (Oxford Dictionary scholars what's the word). The unison of the can thingies and the people who labored to make the beautiful art pieces reminded me of two quotes, the one shared above as the title by Aung San Suu Kyi and the one I have tattooed on my right hand;  until all of us are free,  none of us is free.

I strongly believe that we are all interlinked.  I may have kinda found my footing with my illness, but it doesn't mean the suffering for that person living in Garissa or Low dar with a mental health condition is none of my business.  I see the opportunity God has presented me with from my voice, to my poetry, this blog, the interviews and even this time I have just to unwind and reposition myself not as avenues to better myself alone but to give hope to those living with mental health conditions and their families and also be a bridge to them and the services they so much require.

I visited Wonder Workshop to see their model and I was impressed by the pride of the man who opened the gate for me and Shukuru who showed me around. As much as i shouldn't be working for the whole week, it doesn't hurt to rejuvenate the mind with new thoughts as i let go of old ones. It also gave me insight on how to deal with the fruit i really want but i have issues with.

How are you using your freedom? Do you believe your liberty is tied to others?

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