We are the choices we make, or don't make

9:06:00 PM

We all make our choices, the hard part is living with them 
(from The words,  movie)

I finally got to watch The Words featuring Bradley Cooper, another item checked off my bucketlist.  It is an interesting watch where as a struggling writer Bradley's character finds a transcript which he publishes as his own making him what we popularly know as best selling author. The owner gets him and tells him the story behind the transcript and says he wants nothing and won't sell him out just wanted to tell him it was his life spelled out on the transcript. Bradley's character has to choose between telling the truth and making amends or letting it all slide and living in the fame.

I am not sure if it is a story or a reality but it is a good watch which made me think about life and choices we are constantly making, things that are forever screaming enjoy me, choices you made yesterday, the day before, last year or just a few hours ago, how are they affecting you now? Some choices seem small and insignificant like working an extra hour and spending less time sleeping or resting, eating a packet of crisps a day or using the stairs instead of lift, but they end up being the start point of a very destructive lifestyle or to an amazing lifestyle depending on the choice.  I made the choice not let the ordeal I went through 11 years ago put me down, i made the choice that daily i will tell my story because every day there is a child, a man,  a woman who gets abused, who gets diagnosed with epilepsy or a mental health condition and they need to know they are not alone, that they can rise to be anyone they want to because it is possible from my own experience and all they need is to make the choice. I am glad I made the choice never to let it or my diagnosis put me down but to raise above it all. I'd lie if I say it was easy to get here, it still gets draining at times, I got into some self destructive ways of dealing with my stress and the consequences weren't pretty but again I had to make a choice of whether to become another statistic or stand up and be a face and voice for those who choose otherwise or don't even know they have a choice.

I have also learnt that even when we choose not to make a choice, we are making a choice. What choices are you enjoying now and which ones are you dreading? What choices do you need to make? Are you equipped to live with the consequences of your choice?

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