10 things having epilepsy makes a downer

8:45:00 AM

So i have a list of negatives but the positives are countless they can't fit on a list. I love my life and though I can't or don't do most things,  i find so much fulfillment in what I can do.  Everyday I tell myself there is so much beauty in this world to hang on to things beyond me, so I reach for the beauty which most of the posts here are about...for now here is my list of 10 things having epilepsy makes a downer   
1. Fired from job - i fell on a client when having a seizure and they let me go
2. Can't swim - an absent seizure in water almost drowned me.
3. Not allowed to drive because of absent seizure issues
4. Can't attend gigs with flashy lights...the good people at africa connected got me a holding room when i won that award
5. Can't photo bomb, there are flashes that might just bomb me to a seizure
6. When i meet a cute boy, what their view on people living with epilepsy is always at the back of your head and corner of mouth...ooh my judgement standards are special
7. I have lost loads of stuff when i fall in public...phones, purses, documents
8. Lots of strange people man-handle you in the name of first aid
9. stupid accudents...buy hey, accidents happen right?
10. ooh then there is the famous Sitawa twitch.

What things does having epilepsy suck life from?

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