My Mind, My Funk 2.0 - New spaces, New Faces…and new services

3:14:00 PM

On the grind at the new office space
Good afternoon beautiful people,

Pray you are doing well and life is treating you good. Last we talked my leg had drunk a kettle of very HOT tea, it is getting better…I have a natural tattoo to go with the story. Well I have had a very interesting bipolar cycle hence my silence here, from people and on social media. I say interesting cycle because I am not allowed to say it was an insane, drop dead cray cray…I learnt totally new phases of the illness this time round. I got a bipolar high, and as the younglings say, turned it up (or is it down) at an event (this is a story that I will share with you in the near future). I also had the lowest low, last week there was a day I couldn’t even get out of bed…I cried most of the day and I can’t tell you why, I was so sure I was going to die that day, the things my mind tells me…I missed my StoryMoja appearance…it was just too much…I am glad last week ended and I thank God for the support system around me and just for the mission or ministry or mystery that is my work and how it always works out.

In between it all, I somehow never really lost grasp of my work even though I wasn’t at my best and here are my recent updates;
1. We have new office space(I reworked a run-down salon space),
The space before (a run down salon) and after (front office for the team and back room for counselling services)
2. New Faces - I am currently working with an amazing team who have been working for three weeks now
3. ...and we have loads of new services
  • 22214 - We are now moving the FREE SMS line from beta to a launch has gotten around 400 texts and we are yet to market it .
  • With an inhouse counsellor, we are now doing in house counseling
  • MMMF School clubs - From next week we will be launching MMMF School clubs
We continue with our good old services; providing leakages, #mhke tweet chat and the Kibera club is moving on to greater heights. I am still not yet there but very ready for the last quarter of the year.

How are you all doing?

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