My Mind, My Funk doing Mental Health/Epilepsy Awareness at ECC Karen Medical Camp

1:23:00 PM

With MMMF volunteers from University of Nairobi after training for the medical camp

Weekends are for putting our legs up and catching up on TV...well that's weekends at Sitawa Ville and I am cheating, I am working as I catch up. Got loads of exciting news to share but I will spare y'all the back dated info and tell you about yesterday where the MMMF team had the pleasure of being part of Eagles Christian Church - Karen's medical camp where we talked to people about mental health and demonstrated epilepsy first aid.
Rarely do we see mental health and epilepsy being included in medical camps.Special thanks to University of Nairobi Students who partnered with us and came all the way to Ngong for the training on Friday and joined us early Saturday morning for a full day of awareness creation.

The best and I think most fulfilling part for me is just standing on the sidelines with a smile and watch as my team members take the lead in awareness creation.

Spot me with the Afro at the far end

See pix of Saturday event.

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