My Juice Challenge

7:12:00 PM

I love Wednesdays in Ngong because it is market day. Usually i love just walking through and smelling the produce as i soak into the different colours.  Today I took time to get some fresh produce for my #JuiceChallenge; should have fresh juice at least once a day.
Its been a not so blissful season for me, my #seizures have been regular and that means a lot of #bipolar diaries are spilling with stories of things done and very toxic moments. Having employed new staff,  moved to a new space and activating my FREE #mentalhealth SMS line 22214, i have little to no down time.
I am doing a juice challenge not as a fast (I love my food) but to cleanse and detox and rid all the drugs that i have consistently put in my system since I was hospitalised in August and give my body a chance to reboot. For the next couple of days, I will share recipes and progress reports on my instagram page 
Have you juiced before? How was your experience? 
Do you want to take the challenge with me?

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