YoTM's Opportunity for Young People living with Epilepsy in Nairobi and Kisumu

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Good evening beautiful people,

November is #epilepsy awareness month and I have some good news for y'all who would like to learn more about epilepsy and get more hands on experience. My good friends at Youth on theMove (YoTM) who do amazing work with young people living with epilepsy have a full year program which they would like young people (age 18 - 35) to apply for. (those living with epilepsy will be given first priority though). The programs are in Nairobi and Kisumu and will see the young people meet 3 days a week for full year (2015)where they will learn about living with epilepsy and discuss other issues that affect young people esp those living with epilepsy. (How many times have I said epilepsy in this paragraph lol).

Before you apply, make sure you can spare the year, can bring amazing energy to the group and participate in activities and sharing experiences. To apply (and for more info) contact Annie annie@yotmkenya.com and she will guide you on the process. Application deadline is 10th January 2015, the earlier you apply the better.

Also be sure to visit their social media pages to see the awesome work they do;
FB: Youth on the Move and Twitter: @moversKE

Pass the message along to others.

Sending love and light,

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