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HAPPY NEW MONTH Beautiful People,

You know I am a sucker for new beginnings and well it is a new month, a new week and I look kinda new, there is something like looking kinda new (I am now wearing glasses and my hair is all straightened out), my health is not where it was in December and for that I am thankful...oooh and I am back to walking in the evenings (Kupunguza uzito). This post has been inspired by a task I do every so often, collecting testimonials from those who have benefited from my work. As you all know, we officially launched the free mental health sms line 22214 in September 2014 and since then, over 12500 Kenyans have used the service. Below are my some testimonials;

PS: Owners granted me permission to publish publicly,
all communication with me and MMMF is treated confidentially

As I read through these testimonies, I decided to stock take a little further, sometimes the sun shines and sets without us noticing its beauty. I have had a beautiful beginning of the year and for that I am thankful...here are a few things that made it beautiful.

1. We currently have an intern from Moi University who is working on a program that I have always wanted to do as part of his attachment and it is rolling out real good, it shall be announced real soon.

2. I managed to be at a 7.30am Epilepsy Awareness Drive at Co-op Bank Ngong (It took two people to wake me up to be there on time, my body was still adjusting to the new meds but we rocked it as usual).

3. I got to meet Vikram Patel, I got to meet Vikram Patel, oooh Vikram Patel is one of my fav mental health TED talks speaker and he co-chaired a workshop I attended on Sustainable Mental Health solutions.

4. Patch Adams, yep the real guy, the one who inspired the movie done by Robin Williams, wrote to me, snail mail type of writing...a parcel load of writing...imagine 3 & 4 happened in the same week, I am one blessed lady.

 5. We had a session with Ngong Youth Reps, discussing about mental health and epilepsy in Ngong area and working out ways to deal with it.

...I am uber excited about this new month, there are a few amazing things about to happen and I cant wait to share them all with you...all to my goal of seeing the best and freshest mental health and epilepsy services offered to those with mental health conditions/epilepsy and their families.

How was January for you? What big and small things can you count as your blessings? Are you expectant this February?

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