First i did Daystar next university; USIU

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USIU speaking engagement poster

So I am speaking this Thursday at USIU, you just read about how my Sunday speaking engagement went. and I will take you to two Saturdays ago when I spoke at Daystar University and share some tweets I loved.

If we write only what people want to hear, how will we hear the truth? @SitawaWafula #CreativesAcademy
— Daystar LanguageArts(@DaystarLanguage) March 7, 2015

The truth remains the truth, write your truth whatever it is - @SitawaWafula #Creativesacademy
— Kyesubire(@Kyesubire) March 7, 2015
My truth is a truth which in Africa we talk about in hush tones @SitawaWafula #CreativesAcademy
— Daystar LanguageArts(@DaystarLanguage) March 7, 2015

Listening to @SitawaWafula brings tears to my eyes. Such passion! #Creativesacademy
— KinyanjuiKombani(@KKombani) March 7, 2015

@DaystarLanguage @SitawaWafula She has an amazing story and is a very Authentic Speaker!
— Paul Achar(@paulachar) March 7, 2015

I have just discovered You haven't read anything until you visit that blog #Humanizing #MentalHealth @SitawaWafula
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015

A moment of revelation and checking myself.... today at #CreativesAcademy with @SitawaWafula @DaystarLanguage
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015

@SitawaWafula Oh! you have no idea what a great honor it was listening to you. Pray for even greater strength for you
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015

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