Is living positively with epilepsy accommodating an evil spirit?

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Sharing during the 1st and 2nd service
On Sunday I had the opportunity to share my life and my mental health ministry to members of a church in my hood for both the 1st and the 2nd service. 1st service was an amazing stage warmer with students from Star Shake Academy who I shared with two Fridays ago in attendance. 2nd service was fuller and in Swahili and as always it was serene to be in front of people sharing despite lacking proper Swahili words for some words. The congregation was accommodating and from the nods I could count from the pulpit and those who took out their phones to save my FREE mental health SMS HELP LINE, 22214, I knew our information desk would be full after the service.

I was lost in my thoughts of how God has been amazing all through until an elder of the church was invited to share something before the day's teaching.  She took the opportunity to point out as a by the way, her words, about epilepsy being an evil spirit that i should not accommodate and to quote her, 'My sister, you are accommodating the evil spirit of epilepsy'.  She pointed out that the book of Luke has a story of Jesus healing someone with the spirit of epilepsy.She further gave a story of a pastor with the spirit of epilepsy, who they prayed and prayed for on many different occasions until one day they had a break through and he is ok now. As she finished up on her by the way, I couldn't help but wonder if all the people who looked like they were with me when I was at the pulpit were still with me...i wondered if they were asking themselves if epilepsy is an evil spirit that one needs to be delivered from or is it just an illness like any other that one can live positively with like i repeatedly said when I spoke?
I know it is a huge debate on the role of religion in mental health and epilepsy care. I have severally in the past been asked about how little my faith is because it is not in God's will that we have sickness, that we should walk in perfect health and so if I am still living with epilepsy and bipolar, I must not have sufficient faith. I am a believer and I know the role God has over my life. I also know about these illnesses and the effects they have not only in my life but in many others. As I sat there, in a still voice, God reminded me that in the same Book of Luke is a story of a sick boy who had people asking what did he or what his parents did for him to suffer like this and the response was, no one did anything for him to be like this but it is for the glory of God...if you arent a believer this will pass you by but I am the way I am for His work, my ministry,  all the people who use 22214, follow this blog, email me do so because of all this.
If you know your God and seek Him diligently, have regular conversations with Him, know His voice, no one can shake you and your ministry. I went there to share and God used that opportunity to share with me, to reaffirm my position and my purpose. He also showed me how much work I have to do in terms of awareness creation and reconciling the role of religion and faith in dealing with mental health issues and epilepsy. And as I waited for the service to end, I was confident our table would be full and it was and as I blog, the chief counsellor at my organization told me the numbers on the line are up showing people are really using the line after that awareness drive we had on Sunday.
So is living positively with epilepsy accomodating an evil spirit? In my opinion and through my 13 years living with epilepsy, no its not accomodating an evil spirit. Instead of us (society) chasing 'demons',  let's get information,  let's live positively not forgetting the role God (faith) plays in our lives...I am not ignorant of spiritual warfare but sometimes we just get lazy as believers and give the evil one so much credit. In His time, when I have fulfilled my purpose as someone living positively with epilepsy, God will take it away but for now, my living positively makes many other people wake up and have hope for the day, it brings joy to brings joy to me; because I live positively,  among other reasons of course, I have been able to attract the most amazing partner.
It's amazing to live positively regardless of whether you have epilepsy or not. It's amazing to know your purpose and position in this life. It's amazing what grasping all this does to you. Whatever your current circumstance, remember nothing is permanent and if it looks like it is taking forever to change, change your attitude and enjoy life, know who you are, what you want and go after that, don't let your current circumstance limit you. 
Sending love and light.
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  1. Sorry that you have to encounter such people from time to time. Shows how much misinformation there is out there and the magnitude of the work that needs to be done. Thanks for the work that you are doing.