Celebrating Kalpa Padia, owner of Raka Cheese

7:42:00 PM

(Pic from 2013 when i was doing #hugSitawa)
A few years ago, i attended a gig at Impala and tasted the most amazing cheese ever, I was still hosting my poetry gig, Sitawa Ignited at the Junction and decided to ask the cheese manufacturer if they would provide some cheese for my next poetry night, little did i know that i was asking the heavens for a mentor and LIFE LONG supporter...the cheese company was Raka Cheese and its owner Kalpa not only provided cheese for the one night i asked for but over and over until i stopped hosting and when i was going through really low lows, she would invite me to the cheese factory where i would be rejuvenated just being around her and her AMAZING STAFF, when i started my ‪#‎hugsitawa‬ campaign, she supported it through a hug and made some contributions, #hugsitawa was part of the building blocks for the FREE mental health sms helpline 22214 i run today and the organization that you all know as my mind, my funk and even where i am at, Kalpa still has my back...I am so humbled and honored that you are in my life Kalpa Kapasi.

If you have someone in your life who has walked with you over and over, do not forget to give them a shout, celebrate them...they are the building blocks that got you where you are and where you are going.

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