#justiceforLiz FINALLY!!!

10:05:00 AM

My story and work in the #justiceforLiz march can be seen from min 2.23 and min 3.35 respectively

In 2013, I was part of the logistics team that put together the #justiceforliz march in Nairobi. If you havent heard about Liz, well she is a 16 year old girl (should be 18 now) who was gang raped and thrown into a pit, when the case was reported, the police punished her attackers by having them cut grass. CSOs that work around gender based violence got together and did a protest march in Nairobi which led to loads of back and forth, hundreds upon hundreds of emails on progress reports from partners seeking justice for Liz. Yesterday another email came through and it was amazing to read that finally there has been Justice for Liz. Special shout out to all the CSO who have been doing the back and forth between Nairobi and Busia, that have spent hours in police stations and court houses, that have written letters after letters to various offices from the DPP, that have kept the #justiceforLiz tag ongoing, that prayed, that hosted meetings, that kept the fire burning.

Justice for Liz is not only justice for Liz but justice for many of us, we are all Liz. As a rape survivor, i am Liz and just seeing that by age 18 when i got raped, she has gotten justice makes me happy...i rejoice in this and look forward to seeing this precedent followed in many other SGBV cases in Kenya and world over. Special S/O to Nebila for setting this ball rolling, you are truly a star.

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