We are moving MMMF office to Adams Arcade; from not owning a laptop to owning a social entreprise

8:16:00 AM

Exactly one year today, 1st April 2014, I won the Google Africa Connected Award, special thanks to everyone who voted for me and support my work. With the award money, I wanted to set up a mental health resource centre where people can get mental health information and support. I began the journey by establishing a virtual resource centre (the FREE mental health SMS helpline 22214 where people looking for mental health information and support can text in for FREE and get information about mental health and epilepsy and also linkages to support structures, legal aid and medicine among other services) Read testimonials by those who have used our services here
The initial team of volunteers that I worked with reported to my living room every morning, we didn't have structures on how the line should work, systems were not in place but we kept on working...and when we started getting clients who needed counselling services, I repurposed a run down salon, 5 minutes from my house and made it our HQ. Months later and enough lessons learnt (on the job social entrepreneurship 101), we are moving to Adams Arcade and we will be increasing our services, getting a step closer to having actual resource centres (yes, I am not looking at setting up one).

I am uber humbled and honored when I look back to where it all began. I didn't own a laptop when I applied for Google Africa Connected, I still lived with my uncle and his family and used to use his laptop. I had made a deal with the local cyber guy so I could go sit at the cyber to research, blog and tweet about mental health then pay him at the end of the month when I had saved up some cash, 12 months later, I not only have my own place (rented but its still mine, I pay my own bills) but also an office and a team of 5 people. If that is not God, I don't know what it is.

As we begin this new quarter, I'd like to send love and light to everyone who faithfully reads my blog and follow my work. It starts with God, with believing in yourself, with going out and making your dreams come true, with not forgetting to give thanks, with celebrating each and every milestone, big or small. This quarter, we are reclaiming our rightful positions in life.

Email me all your victory stories. (Hint: Whatever is victorious for you may not be considered a victory by the next person, celebrate it anyway.)

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  1. I'd been looking for this post for a while...

    It is absolutely humbling to see the progress you have made, not just at a personal level, but also in reaching out to others with mental health issues. I couldn't be more inspired. God's got your back, you go girl!!