You see an overweight lady, I see the success story of recovering drug addict; The Ray C Story Part 2

11:36:00 AM

This month's True Love magazine feature recovering drug addict
and East African Sweetheart,Ray c
I think I can write about Ray C over and over and not get tired. For those who follow my blog (hope you have voted for it as the best health blog at Blog Awards Kenya here) but to Ray C, I know you have read the post I put up in October last year on her being a success story and you can imagine the joy I had when I saw her on this month’s True Love magazine, I just had to grab me a copy. The day I bought it, I was going to the salon and everyone who saw the cover would ask in horror, is that Ray C, what happened to her, all in reference to her weight and the mental health crusader in me would leap in joy as I explained the effects of the meds one takes when being ‘weaned off’ drugs. When we opened our new officein Adams, Kirichwa Rd, I proudly placed the magazine on top of the pile at the reception area because i wanted this success story to be the ray of hope people have when they come to MMMF and just like at the salon, everyone who has come to our office has asked the same question, some going as far as walking down memory lane when their life goals were to have a body like she did and shake her waist like she did and the men confessed how her usiku moja song was a daily prayer. So what happened to the love and admiration? Why do we see horror where we once got solace?

For those who do not know who Ray C is, she is one of the pioneer new age bongo flava (Tanzania music) artists known for her amazing voice,  suggestive eyes (thats what people said, i am just reporting) and waist shaking skills that were to die for, like literally. Unfortunately she got into drugs, sold a lot of her stuff to finance her addiction, missed shows and things got really really bad. Fast forward, she finally went to rehab and is doing much better now, helping others going through addiction and got some weight while at it. So when everyone else is seeing an overweight lady, a regional superstar who was ahead of her time but unfortunately lost her way, I see someone who as True Love magazine rightfully titled, has been to hell and back…from my own experience I can relate to some of the things she has been through so if she came back with a little kilos over, that is nothing compared to the battles she has had to fight, there are many who make it back not just to tell their experiences but also to assist her.

Today on our weekly tweet chat #mhke we shall be discussing drugs, addiction and recovery. Get a quick read on drugs from a previous post hereRemember our FREE mental health text helpline 22214 is open to offer information and support on mental health and epilepsy and related issues like drug and substance abuse. 

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