2 women share their life journeys with Schizophrenia on TED Talks

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Met one of my best TED Talk speaker, Vikram Patel early this year
I have blogged about TED Talks before when I shared my top 5 mental health talks and the most amazing thing happened at the beginning of this year, I met Vikram Patel…yep, how amazing is it that; I blogged about him and he was here in Nairobi speaking at a conference…you know I was definitely star struck…I will keep blogging about the things I want, and sending positive vibes. You all should do the same Sweetlings, you just might get it. Interesting enough, that was the same conference, aspiring boo and I sorta met (a blog post about this will be up soon)
During one of our recent meet ups (dates are too mainstream for us), we were discussing TED Talks (discussing love and feelings too soap opera-ish for us) and showing off (that is one of our fav pass time activities; showing off how much knowledge and information we have, we are remind me of Sheldon and Amy…I insist that we are the modern day, real life characters of Kenya’s Big Bang Theory mental health version, come for your autographs Sweetlings)

I cannot remember what his recent fav talk was because I was busy trying to make him watch mine; Monica Lewinsky’s The Price of Shame which I have been thinking of blogging about because of the amazing twist on bullying it carries and the effects on one’s mental health. One thing we both agreed on was that we would like to do an international TED Talk one day, where we would share about mental health in Africa, giving a true but positive picture…yes aspiring boo got some ambition in him (check that on my list -  yes we all have a list even if it is imaginary). Before we get to that platform, I will share with you two talks on Schizophrenia by those who have made it there because we are all about Schizophrenia all this week…As you have noticed, I am not doing all that scientific lingo, research shows stuff, hope you learn from listening to these two ladies talk about living with schizophrenia.
1. Elyn Saks who I covered in my previous post on must watch posts

2. Eleanor Longden who speaks about life in Uni and how it all began. Listening to this talk reminded me so much of the character in Call me Crazy the film who developed Schizophrenia while in Law School


Update: Uber excited that i got to meet and be in conversation with Elyn Saks at her Saks Institute, University of Southern California

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