My May Book Collection

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Four books that will keep me warm during this rainy season
Today wasn't a good day, I woke up at 8.40a instead of 5a,  well I decided to stay at home after it took me 30 minutes to finally get out of bed and an hour to get ready. The thought of another hour in traffic really drained me and from past experience,  this is how my depressive moments energy levels go down, my interest in things I liked isn't there anymore and I zone out a lot...well that was today morning for me so I tried to get myself occupied; first by trying office work and failing miserably then by cleaning the house and rearranging a few things which worked, I was even able to soak bottle for my art project. As I waited for the labels to get soaked, I debated on whether to go for a walk (ecotherapy) or work on my next library picks (books are magical to me).With the unpredictable weather, I decided to go to Text Book Centre and these are the picks I came home with;

1. Dust by Kenya's own Yvonne Owuor because I haven't read a Kenyan author since Chris Lyimo's memoir, my side of the street, highlighting his alcohol dependency and journey to recovery and it is about time I promoted a local author

2.  One book that was mentioned at length in Oprah's bio by Kitty Kelley because of the controversy it brought was a million little pieces by James Frey about his drug dependancy and recovery. I had hoped to add it to my list of books i would like to read only to get a copy of it waiting for me at the book store and I couldn't help but pick it up. (PS:The controversy was because the author had passed it as a memoir but it was later said to be a semi fiction making Oprah angry because she had hosted it in her book club and throughly promoted it)

3. Thirty Girls by Susan Minot based on the scars to girls in Northern Uganda after Joseph Kony's activities...girls are the collateral damage in wars they didn't sign up for and they need a voice, hoping this book is that related news, We need to be the voice for Nigeria's Chibok Girls 

4. Screw it, Let's do it by Richard Branson because I totally loved Losing my virginity and need a few tips for my social enterprise, My mind, My funk.

What are you reading and why?

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