The current extreme weather conditions (#NairobiFloods) may cause/worsen your #mentalhealth condition

8:55:00 AM

Over the past days, it has been raining heavily eliciting a lot of conversation about the man hours wasted in traffic and the financial implications of this. The poor drainage system in Nairobi has been greatly discussed and pictures of flooded cars and estates have been shared online complete with some hilarious memes on how we are trying to get from our flooded homes to work and back via our flooded roads in our soaked cars.One thing that no one is talking about is the effects on this current weather on our mental health.

Every human being regardless of age, race, social standing is susceptible to getting a mental health condition, it is only a matter of how soon one meets their trigger. Some common triggers include drug and substance abuse, traumatic events like terror attacks, road accidents, and violence in the home just to mention a few. Extreme weather conditions like what we are currently experiencing can be a trigger to some people and/or worsen existing mental health conditions in others. As mentioned earlier, to some it is all about wasted man hours, loss of income, poor city planning and a show of artistry through the memes but to others, severe weather conditions induce worry, anxiety and can lead to depression if one is left unchecked.

Through my FREE mental health SMS line 22214 we are offering info and support to Kenyans who may have problems (psychological) coping due to the current weather conditions and need a shoulder to lean on. Launched in September 2014 during World Suicide Prevention Day, the FREE mental health SMS helpline, 22214 has assisted Kenyans from all walks of life get general information about mental health and epilepsy, locate service providers and support groups across the country and also get linked to psychiatrists and legal aid providers.

If you or anyone you know is going through a rough time psychologically because of the weather or for any other reasons and need a shoulder to lean on, simply text 22214…do not suffer in silence. 

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