Today I will just chill

10:27:00 AM

My name is Sitawa Wafula and i am addicted to the peace sign and funny face selfie stunts.  The struggle is real on these streets thanks to the need to have fresh instagram pictures on the regular and I am guilty of holding up the peace sign but I am just curious,  when we hold up the peace sign, are we really at peace or is it reflex? Ooh there is a camera, quick pull up those two fingers and twist your face and mouth?

Well today I am stuck in the house due to ill health and was just looking at my plants and saw that my flower is about to get another layer of awesomeness. I was shocked to see these new leaves today yet i pass this flower every morning and evening, it is right where my curtains are but I have never noticed it's progress. I only water them on the ran but today my ill health has forced me to chill and notice them and it was a humbling moment. So humbling that normally i would be in a funk and try to catch up on work from bed, which I can't lie I tried doing early in the morning before I decided, work will always be there. I am missing out on 3 major activities as I type this but today I wont be anxious that I am missing out, instead I will chill and be thankful that I have a job, a job I totally love and have a uber dedicated team, well wishers from here to universe end, God's Grace (ooh and an aspiring relationship - will update y'all later lest I give him ideas...In related news, did y'all see the engagement that broke Kenya twitter? Wheeew) So today I will chill and appreciate the little things in my life, appreciate the things around me and thank God for all the things He has done in my life, the things He is doing and the things He will do.

When I am done appreciating the things I will be appreciating I will catch up on this biography on Oprah by Kitty Kelly and recycle old series...yep I will appreciating my pile of movie collection. What things do you think you need to start appreciating?

Happy Pajama Day to me.

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