What 5 things are jazzing you up right now; Sitawa’s Fav Things 30.5.2015

11:50:00 AM

The guy on the Sax and I having a private jazzy kodak moment during Jazz at K1 on Tuesday eve 
On Tuesday this week I was a pretend spouse to one of my besties (Laaaaawd look what being 30 and single gets you into); he had to get into some forum which was admitting couples only. We used almost all roads in Nairobi trying to navigate through traffic, only to get in and discover so many things were out of place, common courtesy isn’t really common and customer care skills are a special skill set possessed by a chosen few. Simply put it was not worth our time but it was fodder for some really good laughs. We settled at K1 for some Jazz as we waited for traffic to ease off…customer care here was also questionable but between the amazing band who played my request, the fact that we had front row seats and loads of laughter, it was a very good night. 

I woke up this morning determined to have an equally good weekend, so I did what I do best, create a list (I cannot function without a list, I have a list of lists I need to list on my list…I even have a list of things I would like to talk about with aspiring boo, he was jazzed yesterday when he called and I was like let me get my notebook, there is stuff I need to share with you…he has his own page on my notebook). I wanted to create was on some of the things I would like explore during this long weekend, I ended up on my tab going through pictures we took on Tuesday during Jazz night and wrote a list of 5 things that are jazzing me up;

1.       Things I am Head over Heels about; Men and Marks (no not Mercs)
Men - I thank God for the two men in my life; life partner and my new interest aka aspiring boo (I don’t kiss and tell)

Marks - What I can kiss and tell though is this campaign on stretch marks #loveyourlines…many would love to do anything and everything to hide or get rid of stretch marks. #loveyourlines is out to get people head over heels what others consider a weakness, it is about being vulnerable and finding strength in that vulnerability...I love my lines. (follow on Tumblr and IG)

2.       Things I am looking forward to: Traffic, Treats and Tattoo 3
Traffic - I'd said it over and over, I work from home because I can’t be in traffic for an hour morning and evening 5 days a week and remain sane but since I moved my organization to Kirichwa Rd, I have done a whole lemonade spin on that vibe and traffic is my new bestie. I leave the house at 6.15a every morning and for the next 1 hour 15 mins, I get lost in whatever book I am reading…same thing in the evening. 

Treats – I was treated to the Shawarma place in Adams by one of my best people this week, their chilli is to die for and so that’s been checked off my list, now looking for treats to The Juniper Kitchen, I also owe my best girlfriend a treat to DusitD2 (not sure how i got myself to make that promise) and aspiring boo; Ocean Basket and Mama Ashanti who reconnected me to shito, an amazing chilli I discovered while in Ghana…when is restaurant week again?

Tattoo #3 - I want to get a third but I can’t decide where I want it to be, pinterest is sorting me out though...here are my first two.

3.       Things I am reading: Online and Offline
Online – Sites that are currently making my heart swell, Bustle.com; it is what thought catalog was to me a few years ago only better and what  I would call the new age Forbes; Entrepreneur.Com , it speaks my our language.

Offline - My 2 hours 30 mins in traffic are all about me and James Frey’s A million little pieces, will do a review on it when I am done. (See the comments on my instagram below)

4.       Things I am watching: Music Videos and TV Series
Music Videos - 2 songs I am so sure my neighbors now know word for word; Sugar by Maroon 5 and Simple Things by Miguel…they take me to heaven, every time.

TV Series - I know I am late but I am recently discovered Tyrant and WayWard Pines which FOX is airing on Wednesday and Thursday respectively and I am trying very hard not to download them off torrent as a way to work on my time management.

5.       Things I am planning: My June Calendar
From 2nd June to 30th June, I will be travelling a lot (within our borders), speaking in schools, corporate spaces and I am totally excited about that; sharing about my journey and giving hope to others. As I have said here before, I will keep telling my story because every day there is a man, a woman, a child somewhere who get diagnosed with a mental health condition or gets sexually assaulted and they need information and support and most of all to know that someone else has walked that path, that they are not alone…that this is not the end, there is something to look forward to.

It is the long weekend, I have previously blogged about howone can regulate during such times and also talked about how extreme conditionscan cause/worsen your mental health condition…be safe, make a list of things that will keep you grounded. If you need to talk, email My Mind, My Funk on info@mymindmyfunk.com 

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