10 years later, i am going back to school

10:11:00 AM

invitation letter

That is the only way i can start this post....yaaaay then add that song...I AM WAY UP, I FEEL BLESSED.

First things first, I marked 12 years of strength #12yearsofstrength (as a ‪#‎rape‬ survivor) this Monday.

Back to my yaaaay, i really love that i keep saying yaaaay...ok last yaaaay. Around this time 10 years ago, we were getting into Sem 2 of Year 2 and I was not going back to Actuarial School, i knew my hospital bills had drained us and the uncertainty of my condition was a stressor coupled with other issues. Over the ‪#‎12YearsofStrength‬ i have learnt that all things unfold at their own time, in God's way...One of the things I have wanted for the longest time is to go back to school, i have attempted a few times to get back with no success until I decided to just leave it at God's feet as i have done so many things in my life. Yesterday this email came through, acceptance to a Post Graduate Cert in Social Innovation Management, complete with a scholarship from Amani Institute....This is a unique course that meets the specifics of what i am currently doing, it is just confirmation on so many levels about this ‪#‎MENTALHEALTH‬ ministry and how God is faithful, so so very faithful. Its like over the years He was preparing a specific course for me and me for this specific course...I can't even begin to explain how i felt yesterday when i read this email and still feel today...yaaaaay I AM WAY UP, I FEEL BLESSED.

Are you having yaaaay moment you'd like to share?

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