I love this man...my numero uno

7:49:00 PM

I love this man
Good evening beautiful people,

Still on that love hate relationship with my headache, 4 days and counting, now it is exploring my right side after terrorising the left side all weekend. The pain today was so bad i had to leave work early, in tears, just to come home and chill. First forward, I woke up 4+ hours later and started thinking about work, all the work i have missed from Friday, all the work i have ahead of me and how i will balance work and all the things coming in the 2nd half of 2015. I am going back to school in two weeks, so i need to have all my work responsibilities and quarter 3 goals in check, I have travelling speaking engagements in Arusha - Tanzania, Accra - Ghana and Addis - Ethiopia (funny all those towns begin with A) and some locals ones too and then there is my health which is a full time job in itself.

For the first time in my adult life i felt i needed someone to walk with me. I have written about love before, thought i was in love so many times, i have shared what it felt like and who i was feeling but this evening it was different, it wasn't inspired by that burning desire because things were good with some human, it was more of i am old enough to admit i can't do this alone anymore and need someone to WALK WITH ME. It was more of looking beyond and it got me thinking of when i really had someone there and i thought beyond my 3 musketeers; The BFF, Life Partner and Aspiring Boo, I thought about My Numero Uno...this man has taught me so much, by his deeds more than words;

1. He moulded my future and my love for Mathematics came just from watching him work his calculations when he was still an accountant and it is part of the reasons I went to Actuarial School. Now i am going back to school to do a Post Grad Cert in Social Innovation Management.
2. He worked hard and smart; I get the whole workaholic term thrown my way a lot but it is a gene thing, i watched this man leave the house at 6a every morning something i do everyday by default and i get a large chunk of work done in the morning hours, i just need to work on the part i get back home in good time to play football with people like he did with me and my brothers before he went to hang out with his friends. Simply put, i need a social life.
3. He was there for others - if you have come to my house you have seen photos of me and my uncles at our home, he always goes out of his way and that is what my mind, my funk​ is all about, going out of our way to make mental health info and support available for Kenyans from all walks of life (oooh and the famous coffee bean story i always share at my speaking engagements, he sent it to me as a letter when i was in Form 3)
4. He was a warehouse of information - My love for books and desire to build a home library came from watching him,on days he wasn't going to hang out with his friends, we would play ball, go for a ride in his Peugeot 504/Volvo (my love for impromptu road trips) watch the news (then it was 15 mins short) switch off the TV and read.
5.He knew you cannot do it on your own so he taught me to pray and trust in God at all times, he taught me that little eyes are always watching even when we don't see them so we should constantly be integral in word and deed.

If I am half of who he is, I must be a really big deal, if y'all think i am a big deal...there is even a bigger deal, my numero uno and if i was to get someone, I sure would like to get a big deal if not bigger; a priest, a prophet, a provider...most of all a PARTNER!!! I love love, i believe in love but right now, partnership has a nicer ring to what i want. Being taken to cloud 9 is amazing, building cloud 10 is even more amazing to me...i want to build and be built, i want to inspire and be inspired, i want to have my hand held as i go through this next level in my life as i hold someone's hand to another level in their life...till then, i will hold tight to the lessons i learnt from my numero uno.

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