Pancakes at Midnight

1:38:00 AM

Was too hungry to take the photo when the plate was full

It is a few minutes past midnight, just finished making me some pancakes and green tea, hence the title. I am browsing through interesting humans on the internet and as i do so, I noticed that i am not panicking anymore about the fact that i haven't been to work from last week Thursday, guess I was meant to take a chill pill before a marathon second half of 2015 and just reward myself for the amazing work i have done in the first half. 
WARNING:  This is a very random post where I will share really random things 

Right now;
1.       Getting greedy as I type this post;
 Just finished making pancakes and green tea...i eat too much need to go back to the gym.
2.       Redoing my blog
Do you notice anything different? How do y’all like the changes? Blogging and Journaling are life to me...there is nothing like too much writing.
3.       Texting with aspiring boo
He is checking in on this love hate relationship I have with my headache, its day 8 now, as we catch up on Wednesday afternoon ratchedness...he came all the way to near my hood because i was you know why he is called aspiring boo.
4.       Thinking about...
Silly smile on my face as i type that
5.       Streaming lifetime movies
I have watched the husband I met online, the wife I met online, a wife’s nightmare, a mother’s nightmare, you get my drift, do not judge me…staying indoors for 8 days does this to a workaholic.

Weekend plan;
1.       To finally answer the hundreds of emails that have mounting in my inbox for the past week.

Disappointed about;
1.       All my A town trips; Arusha, Addis and Accra, aren’t happening L L L

Crushing over;
1.       I know this is old but have you seen Jamie Foxx? I had to text my girlfriend and tell her I want a partner like him… as vain as it sounds, I really do for now until my next crush comes around.
2.       Johnny Cupcakes and So Worth Loving because I want to get into apparel so bad.

Next week’s AGENDA;
1.       Mon
After a 6 week wait, its finally time to go back to Mathari Hospital to get my client's forensic test done
2.       Tue
Returning to Makadara Court to hear the judge’s ruling over my client’s case
3.       Wed
First Day of SCHOOL...yaaaaaaay; 10 years after dropping out of Actuarial School I am getting back to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management.
4.       Thur - Sun
Get me a new BlackBerry Phone (I cannot get enough of these babies) for being a good girl this 1st Half of 2015
Tracking down Ms. Karun’s Sun and Moon Album; sampled it and I want my own original copy
Getting my third tattoo because I marked 12 years of strength (12 years as a rape survivor) 2 weeks ago and I want a warrior emblem, my first two are words.

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