The last day of this Chapter.

7:58:00 PM

I have a milestone I am celebrating...before we get there let me say;

H A P P Y   S O C I A L   M E D I A   D A Y!!!

Today is Social Media Day, and my work as you know it would not be a fraction of what it is if it wasn’t for social media. My blog (this blog) helped (and continues to help) me with my healing process, my healing process helped (and continues to help) others with their own, the help they got turned into votes of confidence leading to my award winning and the award opened doors for the formation of my social enterprise, My mind My Funk, and my FREE mental health SMS helpline; 22214 both of which provide info and support to people living with mental health conditions and their families ...and now this social entrepreneurship side of life is ushering me to a new chapter; SCHOOL \0/ \0/.

Tomorrow is the first of 365 days of my sponsored Post Graduate Certificate in Social InnovationManagement at Amani Institute and if you dropped out of undergrad 10 years ago and tried unsuccessfully to get back to school, how you spend the day before going back to student life is a thing. So today I was caught up

1.      In my blankets; I was up until 2a responding to tweets generated by yesterday’s show on Citizen TV Kenya on Mental Health …Thank You Janet Mbugua for covering mental health discussions over and over and for mentioning my FREE mental health SMS helpline, we got over 275 texts

2.      In paper work; Making sure I have all my school registration papers are in order, signed, scanned and sent…check check check

3.      In a shopping list; The initial idea was to plot balance; I am a 30 year old girl running a social enterprise going back to school, needing to maintain my relationships and be in good health (sounds like an ad in one of those looking for love pages). After much deliberation on how I will make that happen, I came up with a shopping list;
-          A Blackberry Classic…I am obsessed with BB and this device will help keep my enterprise, social life and school work in check and it will double up as my 31st birthday present. PS: My bday is on August 16th
-          A Batik tote bag…nothing says new beginnings like a new bag plus it is not an impulse buy, I saw an amazing one at the ‘Maasai Market’,Galleria Shopping Mall a few weeks ago and I need somewhere to carry my school stuff
-          An arrow tatt…because I marked 12 years of strength (as a rape survivor) 2 weeks ago and need to remind myself that I am a warrior, of  how far I have come and how far I am going. PS: that last part is a paraphrase of something the Life Partner always tells me.

4.      In a post office; I spent time to show love to strangers by writing 4 letters, the old school, snail mail type. I recently discovered an amazing site - More Love Letters that sends letter to people going through tough situations. I wrote 2 letters to people whose struggle I could identify with, 1 to the project’s founder - Hannah Brencher, I think she is doing amazing work and another to the founder of So Worth Loving - Eryn Eddy who does something almost similar but through merchandise. I am in awe of these two ladies, both are founders of projects that make people feel better, both have incredible life journeys and their stories reminded me of me, where I have been and where I want to go plus I luh luh love writing and pen palling was my thing back in the day so this task was in order)

5.      On my knees; Wallowing in God’s Awesomeness…He is in the set up business and He is setting me up for something spectacular…and the delays and rejections, that’s His way of preparing me. It is not fun at all but He knows what He has in store and I have to be ready for it by not undermining my dreams but by faithfully taking it all to Him in prayer and listening to His Voice. As a rape survivor diagnosed with bipolar and epilepsy, I thought life was done for me years ago, then I started my healing journey through blogging which I thought was good until people started sharing how this blog has helped them heal…then I thought it is  really good, really good that I not only lifted myself but lifted others…then those secret lift ups became public success stories and I won an award, then another and then a really really good award that opened a mental health social enterprise and I was able to have a product and a service to offer and employ people and move to our office to a prime location…now He says I want you to go do this course, never mind that you didn’t clear your undergrad, never mind the money… I got you…and the thought that God has even more in store blows me away...I am ready for my new chapter.

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