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I got a little churchy preachy on this post so get your Bible and prayer journals out because I brought church.

The weekend was AMAZING!!! until this afternoon when something that never really shakes me shook me and when i got home, i was so ready to get all dolled up in my pity party gear and cry, they say tears wash pain away...but i needed more than my pain washed away, i needed direction for after the tears and the pain are washed away, i needed to have made a decision so that i don't get stuck...as the preacher shared today, i needed to deal, not procrastinate but be bold with the issue. As scary as it was i told God if it was His Will that He takes this cup away but if not, He gives me strength to deal and He reminded me of this month's hold fast theme PLANTED and as i went through the reference scripture Ps 1, vs 3 caught my soul, 'I am like a tree PLANTED by streams of water which yields it's fruits in SEASON and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever I do PROSPERS!!!'

That sounds amazing - planted by streams, yielding fruits in season, whatever i do prospers...but it has a catch, I have to wait, to be patient. For a tree to produce fruits, there is a time factor, a season to be thought of. For prosperity to happen, there is a time factor and during the waiting, there is pruning and fertiliser application and so many things happening to that tree and it's environment. I think waiting is one of the hardest things in life. As Christians, we seek God and He shows us the plans He has for us, a vision...He says He has a plan for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. Jr 29:11..there is that word again, prosper BUT we have to wait. I might be by the stream but for me to get my fruits in season and for my prosperity to come through, i need to wait and as i wait, i need to be busy pruning and getting fertilizer on me (picture me as a tree not a human getting fertilized) The more i meditated on this, God told me on a personal level I shouldn't dress up for a pity party because i am PLANTED!!! instead  I should keep working on my tree and environment, avoiding negative thoughts and keep focus on my organization and the mental health ministry He has granted me. Right now, it kinda looks like a mirage but because i am planted, I know my fruits are coming, i know my prosperity is coming and again as i have done before, i am ready to wait... as hard as it is, I will wait and I will not lose my focus. God is no man to lie and no son of man to go back on His Word.

We have heard of Moses waiting for years, Abraham waiting and many other people in the Bible but as journaled over the issue, God brought things home, I have gone back to school after dropping out 10 years ago. Over and over, I have unsuccessfully tried to go back on my own but He knew what He was doing, setting me up for a course and setting up a course for me. I have an amazing mental health ministry after being jobless and marked 'unemployable' for years and God opened these doors because I waited on Him and His time and even when I am not sure how I will pay rent in the office in a prime location or get more clients or if the FREE SMS line will be working the next month, He calms me down because this is His project,  I am just a custodian.

I have the world's most amazing business partner/partner in crime/prayer partner pictured on that instagram pic i shared.When I ran away from home and was really really trying to find myself, i didn't have anyone but now I have someone with whom we are more of each other's support systems, we WORK through each others life struggles and explore potential business ventures together, we PLAY aka get really ratchet and stupid together but most of all we PRAY together, I totally like it are when he holds my hands and seeks God for me, for him, for us. It has taken us many years to get where we are now, we have fought, done silent treatment, been separated for years but all that was part of the process of preparing us to be planted in each other and i know God has so much in store for us if we let Him lead the way.

I sign off not to cry but to give thanks for the reassurance that He who began this work in me will be faithful to complete it. I will remain focused and continue being a good steward of the things God has already accorded me as I wait for Him to work in His time and let me fruit in season.

Have a reassured week ahead...He's got you.

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