the day i interrupted the President's closing remarks (and lived to share my heart's desires)

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Going back to the basics

I have been working from home for the last couple of weeks, been experiencing serious anxiety issues after that week long migraine headache fiasco so home is best. I have also been going through some changes: physical (i haven't grown as small as that picture is trying to say though), mental and most of all spiritual especially after the Sunday afternoon incident. God has been speaking to me mightily about several things since then and showing me things i should release hence the day when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it will take to blossom poem i just shared.

So on Monday, the BFF came through, he always knows when something is wrong even without me telling and late in the afternoon. I like that i dont need to talk things through if i dont want to he just lets me know he is i was busy working and clearing school work and him catching up on the series when a text came through, 

the President is meeting Young Women Entrepreneurs tomorrow and i am on the list and there was a color code, red or green. Venue changed from State House to KICC.

The sender had tried reaching me over the weekend but i wasn't available but when something is yours, it is yours. Given this was now short notice to me, I couldn't get a dress that goes with the weather (it was raining and i knew it would be cold in the AM ) or would allow me to wear boots without making me look like i was trying too hard so i went in a green vest and jeans, yes I wore jeans to a Presidential gig. 
When i got there, everyone was all business like and there is this booklet on young female entrepreneurs which i wanted to bury myself in and wait for the gig to end so that i can go back to the comfort of my house, my anxiety levels were on a high but i was doing a good job keeping them in i am there turning pages and boom the 3rd entrepreneur is me and my organization complete with the FREE SMS line 22214 in the description, you should see how weak I got...This whole experience reminded me that nothing is last minute, nothing just happens, God is in the set up business and you need to have an obedience enterprise...again another emphasis of why i need to go back to the basics and let go of somethings.
The meeting finally began and it went on and before i knew it, the President was making his closing remarks and my spirit couldn't let me just go home...All the pre-scheduled women had spoken about their challenges and it didn't feel right just to have posted a pic on IG and shared on FB that i was at the forum and my organization was on a booklet, it did not feel right not to speak about the women with disabilities both visible and invisible who are trying it out in business but have to compete in the same space yet their needs are unique. So i put my hand up and let it stay there until he invited me to speak. It was a scary moment because he looked at my hand and kept talking and i was so sure the men in black would pounce on me. When I was done dancing in the name of speech making...He said he was glad I interrupted him and that he will look it up (and his people took my contacts) and when the event was over and was going round, he gave me a good reassuring squeeze and said it again, we will work on that...I think we have our foot in the door, there is no going to make him accountable.
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I have been getting overwhelming texts and emails from everyone who was watching it live on TV or was there. This is certainly the season when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it will take to blossom...go on a blossom Sweetlings. 

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