Open Spaces - Kenya's Lets talk #suicide project

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This blog post is for everyone who wants to be part of the open spaces project.

As mentioned in the previous post , I am collecting narratives from people who have attempted suicide or lost a loved one through suicide. The aim of this project is to open spaces in people's heart that have been filled with guilt and shame after a suicide attempt, open spaces in families to discuss this hushed subject. 

Last year September, which is suicide prevention month, I launched what is Kenya's first and only FREE mental health SMS line 22214 through which people can get info and support. To date we have gotten over 19000 hits on the line.
This coming Suicide Prevention month, I am collecting narratives.‎ Once we get the narratives, we will do pictorial representations for an exhibition‎ and also see if some of the people are comfortable sharing their faces or parts of their household items or items of someone who they loved that committed suicide.The exhibitions will be in both online and offline spaces where discussions on suicide and mental health in general will be held. ‎
So far I have partnered with Patricia Esteve, a photographer  who will do the pictorial bit of things and Project Semicolon an international movement that uses the semi colon as a symbol of hope with the tag line; my story isn't over, neither is your...the logic behind it is to use it as used in the English Language to mean the sentence goes on...simply tell people that their story is not over. My organization, My Mind My Funk and the FREE SMS 22214 are also on stand by to provide psychological support to everyone who contributes and need help in their healing journey.

I'd appreciate if  you shared this in your networks and a link to my blog post on my inspiration for this project  or simply use the above brief to do a blog post.
If you have an idea on how I can amplify this campaign or a way you think you can support or partner with this project, making videos, a better poster, printing tshirts, tag lines, media links, social media campaign feel free to share with me. We are all stakeholders in mental health.

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  1. I can share my hands, my hands have a story, my hands are in fact the culmination of many stories. My story is in my hands... :)