Start today, Start with what you have

12:27:00 PM

My Home office
I am home with nothing on my calendar and that is good news for is more than good news, it is a WONDER in my world. I have gotten to a point in my life where I am constantly on the move; handling office work, building partnerships, keeping up with my school work and now leading the Nairobi Chapter of Wives in Waiting. I cannot remember a weekend in the new past that my calendar had no activities and so being at home is so serile, my house is even happier than me, we get to bond and spring clean. This morning i decided to treat my home office which had been neglected for sometime and I came across the theory of change canvas (blue manilla on desk) I made in Sept 2013 when I did a one week accelerator program with Spark International (Kaitlin and Aaron; the founder are angels - The Sticky Notes on the Maroon wall are encouraging words from all my cohort mates that I look at whenever I feel like shutting everything down - Story for another day)

Exactly 2 years later, guess what our school assignment (white manilla on the wall) for the Social Innovation unit is? The same thing only a level higher. When I joined Spark, my life rotated round 2 things; blogging and being sick. My Mind, My Funk was born at that program, I had the idea but it was all over the place and they helped shape it. A and after 2 years of prototyping (social entreprenuership fancy speak for trial and error), setting up an office at Adams Arcade, having an amazing team, setting up a FREE SMS line that's about to turn 1 year and has provided info and support to over 11,000 Kenyans, I am glad to be back in class learning something really practical (Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management) for my journey. 

Seeing these 2 canvases this morning and the growth is definitely confirmation; 
confirmation that I am on the right track, 
confirmation that this is what my calling truly is,
confirmation that He who began this work in me will be faithful to complete it. 

Whatever point of your life you are in, 
don't give up on yourself. 
Whatever 'little' you have,
start with that. 
I had a blog and an illness,
I began with that and look at me now living the dream
and I know I haven't even scratched the surface. 

I encourage you to start today,
to start with what you have.
Get people to help you mould the idea,
Create a vision, your vision
And keep learning
Keep growing
Before you begin, you will doubt yourself and your potential to win
When you begin, you will feel like letting it all go
Whatever the case, just start,
Start today
Start with what you have
2 years from now, you will be glad you began.

Tutorial on visual boarding here 

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