My Experience giving #Epilepsy first aid to a drunk guy in the rain

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These hands are meant for working

Hi beautiful people,

When I got to my bus stop this PM, there was a crowd which I found odd given Kenyans do not gather and stand still when the rain comes calling (or falling). Crowd stories never end well for me so I minded my own and I was almost passing the crowd, I saw what had attracted them; there was a guy in the muddy water and this guy was having a seizure and the most this group of Kenyans could do is 'brave the rain' not to assist him but to watch him have convulsions as they gave misinformed theories? 

How I got on my knees (my knees realized after it was over that they had been pulled to a sudden move and are paining now in rebellion) so how I pulled them down, i have no idea.

How I asked (i lie, how I screamed at) some men to gently (i used screamed and gently in one sentence) get him out of the muddy water is still a mystery to me. 

I know in normal instances you aren’t meant to 'disturb the seizure' but this wasn’t a normal instance…when he turned the dirty water was all over his mouth and nose plus he was foaming. I also discovered the guy was drunk, the smell from his mouth told it all me (plus one of the guys confirmed it later)

When he stopped convulsing, it was recovery position time and again no one wanted to help and so there i was kneeling, one eye checking if my bag is still where I dropped it and the other on this guy and again i had to ask(scream at some guys) to help roll him over.

The women and kids were saying nasty stuff about the foam in his mouth and epilepsy in general…and Jesus took the wheel, I just didn’t want to start with them...then this guy in his car comes hooting and in my head i am thinking dude, unless your car is going to dissolve if it stays in the rain, don't hoot again plus the road is wide enough, use the side because we can't move this guy back to the water for you to use the whole road. I guess he read my mind because he stopped hooting and used the side.

After sometime he came to and everyone ran for cover screaming, I began talking to him, trying to know his name and if he can hear me. One of the guys who'd helped roll him said he fell on his way home (he lives in some tin houses just near the bus stop), he was really drunk, he is always really drunk around that time, and today he just couldn't walk and that's when he had a seizure and he has been having them a lot lately.

There are many theories to come up with;
maybe he has epilepsy because of his 'relation with alcohol'
maybe he uses alcohol to deal with the epilepsy or stress and as a result gets more seizures,
He wasnt in any form or shape to get into that conversation (or any at all).

When he looked like he could sort of understand what was happening, the men came and started pulling him up and maaaaan i wasnt amused at all, he still hasnt fully recovered and these men are pulling him shouting that he should go fall in his house and not on the road, that it is not their work to pick people like him up...Jesus had taken so many wheels for me in less than an hour and he still took one more.

I know when someone is as intoxicated as this guy was, we always have the tendency not to see them as a human. I had withheld all other conversations but this one we had to have and oddly they listened (I knew I had to speak, wasn’t sure they’d listen) plus I threw in tips on what to do in case it happens again and watched them support him (let him rest on them) as they walked towards the tin houses. I intend to pass by there tomorrow and see if I can have a discussion with him just to get what his deal is.

Quick epilepsy first aid tips before I sign out;
0. Don’t crowd, give first aid instead (Being part of a crowd, sharing baseless theories only adds the stigma and doesn’t help anyone especially the person having a seizure) 1. Stay calm (Run and screaming is not a good option either)
2. Remove any objects that could harm the person
3. Loosen any tight clothing
4. Give the person as much air as possible
5. Don't restrict the person, let the seizure run its course (make sure they don't hit/bang their head - put something soft under their head)
6. After they stop convulsing, put them in recovery position
7. Stay with them and keep reassuring them of where they are, what happened
8. Don't put a stick or spoon in their mouth (if they were to bite their tongue, they already did it within the first seconds and the more you insist the more you are blocking air hence delaying recovery)
9. Engage them (don't dictate) in the next step of action (if at work/school ask if they'd like to stay on or go sleep, if a stranger ask if you can call anyone or if you can assist them get somewhere and respect their decision unless they feel it will endanger them)

To learn more about epilepsy, be sure to watch my Youtube Channel for the next My Mind, My Funk Webseries where i will be talking about how life has been for me living with epilepsy and general info on causes, some myths and how my love interests have treated me (Subscribe to the channel to know when the video is up). You can also catch my 6 part living with epilepsy series here.

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