This Student Life; I think I am taking this Social Innovation Management Course too seriously...glad that I am.

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Happy New Month Beautiful People,

It's only 60 days to the end of the year...and 29 days to the end of the immersion phase at school...we have 29 more days, to see if our social innovations hold water or they just look pretty on paper (one of our key outputs for the class is to come up with social innovation for something you are passionate about. PS: Social Innovation is not necessarily developing a fancy product but can be as simple as looking at something that is already in existence with 'new eyes')

‎I am spending my night finalising ‎a manual I will be using for my Social Innovation prototype (test) for the next 4 Mondays starting tomorrow and as I was working through my post its, I said to myself; ‎I think I am taking this Social Innovation Management Course too seriously...and I am glad that I am.
My Amani Journey thus far has been full of all the four elements on our notebooks.

While still on that thought lane, I remembered class last evening (yes we had class till 5p, on a Saturday ...before you sigh, there was a day we did Sunday, full day...this course is no joke but I love it), when one of my classmates walked up to me and said, 'Sitawa I love how you are nowadays, you are so calm and you look very happy and you are present', I loved all those words, especially given the storms I am riding on but she said; calm, happy and present, and she as she spoke, I got that feeling you get when you have been sweating it out for days in the gym and someone says you look good, have you been working out, or when you get your hair done and someone notices (those who know that last one say Amen). I have had to declutter a lot of things in my life and I feel so much lighter even though still on that storm.  We have several inner journey classes in school and I have to admit some of the tools we learnt in that unit combined with the Mindfulness Unit have played a big role in my decluttering and letting go process enabling me to reach the place she called calm, happy and present...that compliment from my class mate made me think I am actually taking this course seriously and applying what we are learning in class.

The second thing that confirmed to me that I am committed (taking it seriously) to this course (and was the inspiration for this post) is my living room walls. I have flip chart papers with multi colored writings on luminous post it notes; all from class assignments, as art pieces, what else shouts commitment better than this huh?  And I am starting the month buried in them, not because I have a class deadline, this time round because I am excited about next year; quite frankly the next 3 years ...We were doing the numbers part of our social enterprises these past three days in a Business Modeling Unit and my numbers look really amazing on my business canvas and my innovation got a clean bill of health during peer feedback (presenting our canvases in class and getting feedback) but will they work out, thats what myself and the rest of the class have to find out in the next 29 days. (I will share my project and lessons learnt after the prototyping phase when preparing for final class presentations)

I also love the fact that i have no anxiety or worry that if it doesn't work out, i am done for...i have what my classmate said; a calmness, a happiness, a presence that if it doesn't work, I will be calm, happy that i went through the process and was present through it all, see what parts of my assumptions can be changed and which cannot and move on from there. As my classmate said, do write down or speak out what we would like to change sounds simple but the practice is not that simple. I might feel bad for sometime that one or two things i was looking forward to working did not work but i have also learnt not to live in that energy but be mindful and move into a positive space (they taught us in class how to do it, and i have been practising it and it is working, thats how seriously i am taking these classes, and i am glad that i am)

If you'd like to know more about the Social Innovation Management course that I am doing, read more here. Remember to subscribe to this blog do know what my innovation is and if the prototype worked.

My 2nd Youtube video for My Mind, My Funk's webseries will be up later today, I will be discussing epilepsy, subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get notified when the video is up.

Sending love and light

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