Rainfall Orchestra - Another (Love) Piece

2:53:00 PM

My seat at the Rainfall Orchestra
In episode 2 of my webseries i happened to mention that people living with epilepsy can fall in love and have people love them, I might have sorta kinda hinted that i have a whole love story of my own and for a whole week, two of my classmates have been on my case asking me when that love web series is going to be up. I was caught up in some really heavy rain yesterday and it provided a good backdrop for this piece which couldn't have happened without the life partner inspiration later on. To Stephanie and Michelle, hope this piece gives you something to chew on as i work on that love web series and to the life partner, I know we have the don't read my work rule but if you get to read this one; read between the lines.

Rainfall Orchestra - Another (Love) Piece

That is where it all began,
With rain,
I guess,
At least i think i can remember
Or the rain falling on my window is whispering to me.
Little drops that escaped through my armpits,

And announced themselves on your forehead,
Before freely streaming down my thighs.
We slid into a song,
You and I.
We don't sing,
We do not even have a song,
Should we have a song,
Do you want a song?
Are songs our thing?
Is having a song a thing?
But we sang anyway,various voice variations.
In Unison.
And our minds carried our bodies and spirits beyond.
No one can define or explain how we exist.
We lit up,
Little inconsistent sparks at first,
Followed by consistent light projections.
Now we are mighty rays of light that cut through darkness,
Our darkness. 
Our fears. 
Our insecurities.
We see through each other.
We are lightning,
Volts and Volts of Lightning to each other.
We are a scary combination.
Rain, Thunder and Lightning.
How did we get here?
Was it those drops of rain?
Or the song we sang even though we don't sing?
Maybe it is the lightning, it removed logic when it gave us insight?
So is this a destination?
The destination?
Our destination?
We have a destination right?
We open our mouths,
Hoping to release what our minds carry,
But it is flooding in our hearts.
So we dare to let go,
Dare to soak this flood elsewhere,
Dare to let events in our individual lives overtake us,
Dare to live apart,
But we are each others,We are each other.
We are the rain, the thunder and the lightning

An organic indescribable union,
An unspoken piece of art,
We do not have a relationship status,
We just happen,
We were destined to happen,
We are part of nature's ensemble,
We are the powerful orchestra that keeps playing even when all the other instruments go silent,
We actually silence all other instruments;
Instruments of self doubt, 
Instruments of fear for the future,
Instruments that make us question our part in each others lives.

That is how it ends;
Little drops of rain.
From your lips to mine,
From my lips to yours.
It will be like this;
Always and Forever.

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