Art Therapy: How I created my own Patio (Outdoor Space)

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My Patio
It is Day 10 of my depression free December journey  and my spirit and energies are still up…I am so proud of myself and totally love your emails of encouragement on this journey. I am exploring different things to make sure I make to 31st December and beyond (Watch this week’s Vlog on Coping Mechanisms where I discuss my tool box (things that I use to make sure I am taking care of myself mentally). So far the morning pages practice is working pretty well and I excited some people are joining in, it is not too late to start. One of the things in my tool box is the outdoors, I live in an amazing part of Ngong where the birds tweet all day long and the air is simply amazing. I love afternoons when I take my shuka and have a one woman picnic and reading/journaling fest.

Sun basking was all about a shuka, a book and my journal
Unfortunately due to the rains, I haven’t done that in a while and since school’s out, I had a meeting with the council of elders that live in my head and thought, why don’t we do something about this not being able to be outdoors due to the rain situation. After we came a consensus, I called up my super incredible landlady to let her in on what I wanted to do and she agreed, y’all need to meet this lady…let me just say I am blessed. So with her blessings, I began my 3 day project of creating my own patio.

First it was all measurements and deciding on materials. I wanted to go all out and do vanished off cuts but when I heard the cost, I humbled myself and made do with iron sheets, its a temporary structure anyway...when i buy my house, I will revive my all out dream.

Then I thought, a tent would work as a roofing to keep the rain out and I can roll it to let the sun in. That logic got shut down by the council of elders in my head because they knew id get tired of rolling and unrolling the tent. So see through iron sheets won the day. They let in the sun so it totally feels like you are outside but inside.

Having done the roof and body, I needed a floor...being a temporary structure, I went for ballast.
Ballast floor

The last piece of the puzzle which is an ongoing project is to make it look pretty.
Y'all know how much i love plants and color
Writing this post from my new space, listening to the birds tweeting is very therapeutic for me…my morning pages sessions and devotion/meditation time has gotten even juicer. I am hosting a Vision Boarding Party next week and I can’t wait to open this space for others to tap into its energy as they create their visions. If you are looking for a DIY/Art Therapy project that doesnt require you to go all out, try out my bottle threading...I am also curious to know what DIY/Art Therapy Projects are you doing?

PS: This is how I make the 'bigger flower pots' upcycling plastic bottles

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  1. Nice outdoor area you've got there. Looks comfortable with all those potted plants. A nice place to enjoy the fresh air. Thank you for sharing your art.