Beach Life; Part 1 - Accommodation at Dhow House

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Lounge Room 1 (Pic by BB Classic)
I began my cute spaces series yesterday with a post on how I created my own patio (Outside Space) ...totally appreciate your comments both in person and online...yes i will look into get into that line of work.

I am still in that cute spaces frame of mind so today I will share another cute space...I didnt create it but I am so glad I experienced it; Dhow House – Watamu. 

The trip

The journey to Watamu began a little after 5p two Fridays ago.  We had to find our way to the Modern Coast town bus stop after our last Immersion Phase Class for the 8p bus to Malindi. The bus left Nairobi well into 9p after getting stuck in River Rd traffic...someone explain to me why all these big buses need to be located at one spot?

We got to Mombasa a few minutes to 6a but then got stuck in traffic for almost an hour…6a traffic when you have been in a bus the whole night isn’t funny but what was awaiting us made it all disappear. We eventually got to Gede, the junction from the Malindi road that gets into Watamu, and got tuktuks to the Dhow House which is a 15 min drive from the Gede Juntion. 

The House
Located a few metres from the beach

Once you get into the compound, you are greeted by this massive house with steps that lead to a rustic door and pool that made everyone come alive.

Welcome to Dhow House - Watamu

And one can take the spiral stairs up or down 

Loved the spiral aquatic blue stairway
Up leads to 2 lounge areas

Lounge Room 2 (Pic by BB Classic

and further up to the rooftop (which was the only place I got phone reception, not that i really needed it)

View of the Ocean from the rooftop

...the stairs down lead to the TV Room, kitchen, some of the bedrooms (the house has 5 bedrooms each with 2 beds) and bathroom
TV Room
...the house comes with a chef and house cleaning service too
1. Off peak rates for Dhow House are Ksh 25,000 per day, not sure of peak season rates.
2. Bus from Nairobi to the Gede Junction is between Ksh 1,200 - 1,600 depends on the bus and what seats you choose (some buses have VIP seats), most buses to Mombasa have wifi and charging ports, TV screens and music, cross your fingers they play your kind of music and videos at an ear friendly volume...we suffered that night, night buses have 3 or 4 stop overs so you can use a bathroom (or a tree  -  by request only) and grab some snacks.
3. Tuktuk from Gede to Dhow House is Ksh 300-400

Have you been to Watamu before? Where did you stay?  This isn't my first time in Watamu and it definitely be my last, i stayed with friends at Cachumbari Villa the last time i was here and it has nothing on this house but it sure was pocket friendly. 

Be sure to Catch Part 2 and 3 of this Beach Life series where i will share my experience Dining on a Dhow and some tips on how to use the beach environment to boost your mental health. 

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