Beach Life; Part 2 - Dinning on a Dhow

9:32:00 PM

The Crew anticipating our arrival
On the last day of our Watamu trip, school organized a dinner on a dhow (you cannot live in a dhow house without going on a dhow, now can you?).  Two vans came for us at the dhow house and took us to Mida Creek, less than 10 minutes drive, where we found a laid out dhow waiting for us. Mida Creek has loads of mangroove and for me the whole site was an outright for lovers edition...absorbed so much with my eyes than camera

All blinged up for the ride

When we got on board, the crew put on each of us a lovely neck piece....not sure when mine became a head piece. We settled on the upper deck and were served with welcome drinks for everyone. The Dhow had a well stocked bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks...and the head crew person (is that their title?) made sure the drinks and snacks were flowing. Didnt like their non alcoholic cocktail...too much sugar in water. My fav things to chew on were the deep fried coconut.
Deep fried coconut
The Dhow went round the creek and stopped for those who wanted to enjoy a swim to dive in before dinner. It was amazing to watch from the deck as they enjoyed their swim until someone (no naming names incase they read this post, decided to go to the loo and flash). 

Look at all that meat

For dinner they had lobsters, beef and chicken mshkakis, rice, chapo and ndengu for the vegetarians in the group and then a whole lots more meat. We had a lovely last supper together rocking on the dhow at Mida Creek, watching the sunset and giving each other some ‘sugar cubes’ I am not sure about the Dhow Dinning rates, school took care of it all but it is definitely something i'd like to do over and over again.

There are several other activities you can do in Watamu, i remember the last time we went for snorkeling and had dinner made by the ocean. In Part 3 of this series, i will highlight how to use the beach environment to boost your mental health

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