Beach Life; Part 3 - How to use the beach environment to boost your mental health

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Journaling at the beach 
Good morning beautiful people,

Lord knows I would have loved to be doing a post by the beach instead of a post about the beach but I am glad I experienced it when I did and that this triple play was birthed from those experiences. If you missed Part 1 on Accommodation at Dhow House and Part 2 on Dinning on a Dhow, catch up. 

Now that the holiday season is here, I know there will be a lot of travelling (you better have all your travelling essentials with you) and one of the popular destinations for most Kenyans and people who experience winter during the Christmas holidays is definitely the Coast. I will use this last post of the Beach Life triple play to share some pointers on how you can use that environment to boost your mental health.

1. Work outs
Let us assume i know how to do those flip things and this was me caught just before doing one
I know y'all going to the beach to relax and all, but why not use that time to go for a swim in the ocean or an evening walk/run by the beach and every once in a while stop and inhale/ it again and again and again. 

Carry some sport shoes for that early morning (or evening) run/ walk...there are a number of people who do it so you will not be alone and you do not necessarily have to have shoes on.

2. The Sun
How magical is that? (Pic by BB Classic)
Depending on whether you are a morning or evening person or choice to reverse it because you are taking a break...catch the sun as it just wakes up or as it goes to sleep. You can get a rough estimate of the sunrise and sunset times on most smart phones apps.

Carry a mosquito repellant if you do the sunset and plan to stay a little longer at the beach...those mosquitoes have no mercy.
3. Journaling/ Devotion/ Meditation
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What is your thing? Early morning yoga, reading the Bible, morning pages? Whatever your thing, doing it by the beach or in a space where you can over look the Ocean takes it all to another level. I got some really impressive insights when I took my gigantic Bible with me to the beach.

Carry your prayer/yoga mat with you...i carried tonnes of sand with me the first day.

4. Group Activities
Most of the above mentioned activities are more of solo activities...if you have travelled with your family or a group of friends, be sure to join in on some of the activities (other than eating and drinking) or organise games at the beach; carry a ball or build a human pyramid.

Last time I was in Watamu, we went out snorkeling...there is also the turtle bay which you can visit and kite surfing is offered somewhere.

If you travelled on your own because you are always around family and friends and needed me time, still sign up for some of these group activities...join a bunch of strangers for something, you do not have to become BFFs with them...Thing is, do not isolate a little...BE PRESENT!!!  

And whatever your activity, keep yourself hydrated at all times.

I want to do a return solo trip to visit a back packers place and I know I will be reapplying all these tips but I am also open to know what activities you are doing at the beach that are helping boost your mental health.

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