No Depression This December

3:06:00 PM

My goal is to be Depression Free this Holiday 
I haven't had the best December holidays for the past 2 or 3 consecutive years (here is how bad last year was). Our final assignment for our Amani Social Innovation Management course was a walk by the beach and think/journal about things we will carry from lessons learnt over the last 5 months and also things we will let go off. I have so much I will carry with me, it needs a blog series and I also have much more I need to let go off. Spending time at the beach journaling, I put a goal for the new month and decided to make a new month resolution, nothing fancy, nothing out of the goal; no depression this I will achieve this

1. To be mindful enough this holiday to notice my energy before I gets way down,
2. To be grateful for each and everything big and small around me beginning by counting my blessings and name them one by one‎; 2015 has been good to me
3. To reach out...that's the hardest for me and I don't promise to be all over the place but I will not be stuck in the depression spot.

I am uber excited about this December, hope you are...Happy New Month Beautiful People.

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