See you in 2016

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See you in 2016
Hi Beautiful People,

It is Day 15/31 of my depression free December journey and I am going on a hiatus. Not because things are really bad and I have to get into my bubble but because sometimes we just need to spend time with ourselves and what better time to do it than at the end of an amazing year. For the next 40 days from 1p today till last week of January, I will be uploads on my Youtube Channel or here on Blogger or the various social media channels.

You all know I couldn't go out without saying a BIG THANK YOU for all the love and support‎ you have shown me and my work all this year. So many amazing things have happened, I don't want to start mentioning them because I wanted to do a really short see you later post...there have been low lows too but nothing that shook me off balance and for that I am grateful.

My hiatus will be a go with flow hiatus (unless it's a negative flow then no going with the flow), might travel or road trip, I know for sure I doing a 30day ministry gig, I will definitely be journaling a lot and taking more pictures (how are you are liking these pictures by Khairi; my BlackBerry Classic)...I will share those entries in the new year...maybe I will do some touch ups on the youth program I will be introducing next year...maybe...Other than that, I am opening myself to the Universe for the next 40 days and I am excited about that.

See you all in the New Year and remember you are not alone...I maybe on this hiatus but you can still reach me anytime on the contact form on the side of the blog or through my email address.

Sending love and light,

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