The Happy List; Count your happy and name them one by one

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Happiness is not a reflection or projection but being...Happiness is right now

Today is Day 14/31 of my depression free December journey and I woke up HAPPY!!! Happiness to me is not in the reflection of things that were nor is it a projection of things to be but happiness is in the being…it is in the right now. Most of the time we postpone our happiness because we think it is a place, a destination, something in the future or sit down and look at all the responsibilities on our plate and wish we could go back to the days ‘we were happy’

I have a tool I am exploring, called the Happy List that sort of reflects this statement…and yes I am trying it all out. Just as the name suggests, it is a mindful (focusing on the present, the here and now) list of things that are making you happy…not what made you happy (not having to adult everyday) or what will make you happy (list your dreams here) but what is making you happy now. This list is best done at the end of the day or as a reflection of the previous day during your morning power up (you can add it to your morning pages practice)

Making a Happy List
1. Look into yourself and note what your happiness is right now? Forget the social media hype and all the selfies out there with hashtag #goodtimes, #happiness...forget what people around you say happiness should look like…what is your personal happiness? Do not look back and do not get anxious about the future. What is your happiness right now? Mine is being depression free for 14/31 days of December.

2. Once you identify the thing(s) that are your happiness, look at what is contributing to that happiness. . For someone who struggles with depression sometimes simple chores like brushing my teeth or leaving bed are big tasks and so on my list is a clean kitchen and not sharing my bed with my clothes…I also have this hair cut by the cute barber guy because it makes feel good when I pass the mirror and definitely being able to blog from my new patio. This may look like a very silly list but these things made a whole load of difference in my life.

3. Check for Positives and Negatives. Different people have different sources of happiness…some drink, others eat, exercise. It is good to check your list and see which items need to be done more (positives) and which ones need to be done away with (negatives). Remember to add your positives to your tool box.

Wishing you a HAPPY week and be sure to share your Happy Lists with me.

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