You matter, Your feelings matter, Your dreams and ambitions matter

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You matter, Your feelings matter, Your dreams and ambitions matter

I woke up with a heavy heart this morning and since I am doing a Depression Free December thing, I decided to undress my feelings being careful not to slip into them. I am glad I am at a point in my life I can understand how I feel and step back to reflect as opposed to letting the feelings carry me to destruction.

As I reached within myself, I discovered the battle within was based on a recent move I had made where I chose to stick to how I see things (crooked as my view gets at times) than not conform to some expectations…my current conflict, the heaviness ignitor was me asking, how dare I declare my position? I continued to unpackage this conflict and it led me to a conversation I had with one of my classmates. They had something that was disturbing them but they didn’t want to address it, reason being it wasn’t that big a thing, within them, they felt that there are bigger, more serious things to disturb humans and this thing shouldn't be one of them yet it really did disturb them…their conflict how dare they list it as an issue?

Sound familiar?

When our conflict is us asking ourselves how dare we?

Us reciting that there is someone else having it worse, so how dare we?

When we see our issues as being stupid baseless acts of selfishness? (But seriously though they are some issues which are very stupid, completely baseless evil acts of selfishness)

As a society we have amazingly mastered the art of distraction and suppressing how we feel, who we truly are, what we want. Maybe we totally lack the skills or our degrees in procrastination always 'save the day'.  What we fail to realize is the more we suppress things, the more likely we are to have major melt downs or become seriously addicted to something as a coping mechanism. So what should one do? What should me and my conflict do? What should my class mate do? What should you do if you get yourself at this spot where you are yourself, how dare i?

1. Know that you and all that you feel and what you are all about matter - Do not let where you have been (or haven't been), what you have achieved (or are yet to) determine how much you from people and places that measure how much you matter by the above…you matter simply by being (not being anything or something)…just by being, just by existing you matter, and the things that you feel and hope for matter.

2. Do not belittle or brush off your issues – If it causes you psychological distress (thinking about it too much, panicking, anxiety) deal with it before it deals with you. Forget the fact that others might think it's not such a big deal‎ or that you have seen worse things happen to others...instead ask yourself, ask yourself how dare I ignore this yet it is causing so much distress?

3. Undress and Address your issue - Notice (don’t build a nest in it) that you are in distress and understand why you are in distress before reacting…Come up with ways of dealing with that distress; journal it out, talk to someone, Pray, meditate, use any positive coping mechanism to deal with it.

4. Embrace yourself - We all have different coping mechanisms and threshold levels; a walk in the pack issue for you may be a I cannot eat, sleep or leave the house for weeks type of issue for me….it doesn’t mean that you are weak if your reaction is “unpopular”, accept and embrace it and note the things that work for you and those that don’t.

Remember You matter, Your feelings matter, Your dreams and ambitions matter.

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