In case of seizure, am i allowed to put a spoon in the person’s mouth or not?

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My tee says it all...DO NOT put anything in my mouth if i am having a seizure (email to cop this tee)
When someone has a seizure in public, there is definitely the group that runs around screaming (I never understand these ones, on my knees interceding for them) then there is a group which has half baked information about epilepsy (the one that will be sitting with you waiting for you to recover as they share notes of how this illness will make someone infertile and tales along that line) then there is the group that know what to do. My vision is to get every person in Africa in the latter group, to equip them with knowledge on how to handle people living with epilepsy and to live positively with it if one has it.

I have had epilepsy for the last 14 years (jeeez thats a long time...if i was dating epilepsy, id be out in the streets saying we have a teenager *inserts a face*) This hit me hard i shared on twitter as i was typing this post and appreciate your love.

I am however proud to say I am in a good space right now. In a post I put out over the weekend when I was celebrating being seizure free for a while now, I wrote that I can't remember the last time I had a seizure...I almost don’t know how it feels to have one. There was a point my life was all about having a seizure and recovering from one, then I counted days when I didn’t have seizure…now I don’t count nothing any more…can I hear an AMEN!!! Church.

Being in this spaces gives me more inspiration to get many other people here and they can only get here if society as a whole knows how to handle them (and this whole epilepsy business)…One of the first things everyone thinks you should do when someone has a seizure is to put something in their mouth, most people say a spoon or a piece of wood would do the trick. The reasoning behind this is so that the person having the seizure (note they are not epileptics, they are people living with epilepsy – person before the illness) does not swallow or bite their tongue.

This is however NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!!!

When someone has a seizure, if they were to bite their tongue, they already did it before you got the spoon or piece of wood and stuck in their mouth…also the process it takes to put these objects into their mouth requires restraining them in a way and/or blocking their air flow both no no in epilepsy first aid.

1.Do not put anything in their mouth (hope we have that cleared from our minds)
2. Make sure they have enough flow of oxygen (do not crowd, open windows)
3.Loosen (do not remove their bras or unbutton all their pant buttons or unzip their pants) just loosen any TIGHT clothing
4.Do not restrain them when they are having the seizure (you are however allowed to tilt their head gently if they look like they will hit it or if they are foaming (or not) and have thier head in a position where the foam is going back into their mouth instead of the floor
5.Put something soft under their head (a pillow or fold your sweater)
6.After a few minutes the person will start regaining their consciousness (be there to reassure them of where they are, what happened, that their stuff is safe, that they have nothing to worry about)
7.Do not give them any food or medicine immediately after but you can offer water should they need it
8.Not every episode requires hospitalization, only call an ambulance if it is the first ever seizure and/or if it goes on for more than 5 minutes (for someone known to have epilepsy) or if they get recurring seizures at the same time

…and no you will not get epilepsy from touching the person or jumping over their urine (not everyone foams or urinates…I do neither)

I have all this info in poster form so email for one to put at your health centre, office, school, place of worship, shopping centre notice board or youth club.

I do awareness drives in different spaces, if you would like us to visit (we normally say invade) your space and share on epilepsy (and mental health)

I leave you with this video from my Youtube Channel where I speak about my personal journey with epilepsy right from my very first seizure and school you on trigger and causes of epilepsy as well as first aid tips as mentioned above and tips on how to live positively with epilepsy.

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