Pumpkin Soup Throw Down to celebrate my depression free/seizure free season

2:12:00 AM

It will be an amazing throw down with my world famous pumpkin soup...dont believe anything my brothers say about the soup
This journey doesn't begin with a pumpkin, or maybe it does...maybe i was depression/seizure's pumpkin (read - lover; why do we call people we love pumpkin?) anyway now i am not and that is a reason to celebrate hence the pumpkin...but why pumpkin, well i became a vegetarian (see point 3 below)

Why am i celebrating, memory loss like i cannot remember the last time i had a seizure or even how it feels to have one and that is really amazing. I am so grateful for how far God has brought me. Before i used to count days i have not had one because i used to have one almost every day and my life oscillated from having a seizure and recovering from one or being high on seizure meds...i was seizure zone and so i must admit it feels so good to be in this space. So what did i do differently this time;

1. Identified the triggers early
This journey began with me trying to be depression free in December after something happened in September that i thought i could hold up but failed miserably. I was so so worried that i would fall into severe depression because that was a huge trigger and with the severe depression to near suicide the year before after my Addis Ababa, Ethiopia trip, i knew i had to do something hence my campaign which was geared towards being depression free but totally helped in the epilepsy side of life too.

Flyer for Feb event by the discipleship ministry i lead (see more picture here)
2. Assemble your tools
I cannot stress enough in my posts the importance of having positive coping mechanisms (Learn more about coping mechanism in on toolbox vlog and email me on info@mymindmyfunk.com if you'd like me to guide you in making one). 

Having a mental health condition/epilepsy is a full time job. You need to be constantly on the look out for trigger and for internal signals. I am constantly being mindful of my energy and changes in my body, is my heart beating faster, how is my speech - am i talking too fast or incoherently, am i having headaches, how is my sleep.

I have shared some tools i started using before i went on hiatus 
Happy List (some people call it the Gratitude List)
Created my own patio  (a chill out space outside my house)
Morning pages (a daily writing practice) 

and that time away was also a tool that worked wonderfully for me...being off social media and separating from people gave me amazing revelations, clarity and saw the prioritizing of a lot of things in my life; the best outcome being reconnecting with God and jump starting a discipleship ministry

Purpose Driven Life x Rick Warren
3. Celebrate strides
This is where the pumpkin comes into play. i started swelling real bad whenever i ate animal products and so i opted to be a vegetarian...tried cheating a few times with eggs and cheese but my body showed me who is boss so i am loyal to this process, soooo loyal that now my friends gift me with vegetables and pumpkins are the in thing now i guess...look at my life. But i love it, i love how far i have come, i love how far i am going.

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