#100DaysofMentalHealth — My attempt to get 100 random ways to take care of my mental health while in a foreign country with a tight schedule

10:30:00 AM

Good morning beautiful people,

Last night I was Skyping with one of my sisters and she asked me how I feel about my upcoming US tour. I told her how I felt at that moment but when we were done with our call, it hit me, this is the longest I will ever be away from my support systems and anchors. I have travelled out of the country before and even blogged about how to take care of yourself in a foreign country, but those have been one or two week trips with one agenda mostly at the same venue. With the upcoming trip, my schedule is heavy; criss crossing the States, meeting all these mental health advocates who'd like to exchange ideas as well as the actual speaking and exploring the place. My prayer is that the depression free campaign I began in December (which is on Day 184 today, yep 184 days without having a seizure or going through depression or mania) clocks one year, two years, a decade, the rest of my lifetime, that my resilience levels shoot and that I get new items for my tool box to deal with this new challenge.

Instead of carrying an extra suitcase of items to help me relax and meditate and time out and boost my immunity, I have decided to challenge myself and see what everyday items I can use to take care of my mental health. My challenge, which will last for 100 days (June 1st - Sept 8th), will involve me actively documenting here on my blog and on social media how I am taking care of my mental health.

For those who know (or would like to know) 100 day challenges was something a design professor from Yale, Michael Bierut gives his students to help with their creativity process. People across the globe have picked it up for various reasons. ..my best where these 4 Kenyan ladies; #100daysofAfricanFashion by Diana Opoti, #100daysofAfricanMusic by Miss Kihoro, #100daysofAfricanReads by Angela Wacuka and my best #100daysofKenyanThrowDowns by Miss Mandi  

I pray my campaign will educate people across the globe about mental health and inspire them to use things in their everyday life to take care of themselves even before they get a diagnosis, it's all in the prevention over curative.

About Spring by MMMF; this is a new program I curated while doing my Postgraduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute. It aims to look at mental health from a social (everyday life) perspective as opposed to thinking of illness and curative side of things...Spring by MMMF simply provides tools for everyday life and this campaign aims to show you what tools I will be using everyday for the next 100 days,so go follow me on IG, Twitter, FB, Periscope and Youtube to keep up.

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