Throwback to the day BBC News Service came to my house to cover my #mentalhealth work and DIY art therapy project

12:19:00 PM

Because social media made Thursdays the official throwback day, mine goes to the number 3 and BBC News Service ok the day 'they' came to my house to do a feature on my work and my (now famous) DIY Bottle Threading project

Here is a link to 3 min video, 3 min podcast and as a bonus,a 3 year old interview I did with them over Skype when there was a break out at Mathari Hospital (i start speaking at min 5.45)

I am wearing an Achie Otigo coat in the video ‎(go like her page and buy her products) ...everything else you see that is lovely to the eye, I personally designed as part of my mental health art therapy.

Whats your throwback? 

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