What are you eating, what is eating you...how to come out (share) if you should at all

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Over the past week, I have seen enough instances of people (including some local, continental and international celebs) opening up on some personal things. From my personal experience of constantly sharing my journey as a rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar, I know the wonders sharing does. But the type of sharing i have been seeing has left me wondering, is this how and what we should be sharing and with all these people especially when the ink of the pain is yet to dry? To me, the bigger picture of sharing should be a desire to heal or be at peace with ourselves first and foremost (and then for others as a by product). Unfortunately i see people wheeeew let me let it be.

1. What's eating you?
I think the best place to start is identifying and acknowledging what the issues is (and that it is really an issue) and then exploring how best to handle the issue on a personal level. On one of the things i saw, one of the people said, they were afraid how it would look like if it leaks on social media so they put more effort in making it not leak instead of taking care of themselves and unfortunately it leaked and they hadnt made peace with themselves so it was a nasty show.

So if you have identified you have an eating disorder or drinking problem or procrastination issue or have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar or whatever else, your first step, even before we start thinking of whether to share or not, or what will people say or do or feel if they knew is dealing with it on a personal level.

2. What's in your tool box

Whether you readily accept the issue or not, (some people go through a long period of denial, others are quick to drown in the issue)  you should check if you have the necessary tools and skills to cop with the issue
If we have the necessary tool and skills, then we will be able to work on ourselves first before we run around announcing to everyone who has an ear or any platform we have access to
3. What if my tools require outside help?

Some aspects of our tool boxes require sharing and releasing what we are going through. But before we release, we need to check the following;
- Why do you want to share? 
Is it to let it go and start your healing journey, or to shame whoever or whatever brought this thing to you, is to for pity or attention seeking? 
- What, to whom and how much do you share? 
A lot of people want to share to let it go but we fail in this part, we run to social media and tell all our business and instead of getting better, we get worse. You should look for mature people and if you can professionals to do the initial releasing to. Journaling is also a good place to start your release and help clear your mind better than a twitter rant.
- Whats the worst (best) that would happen
Sometimes we may really really want to share/release but are scared of how we will look or what the person even if a professional will think about us. If your motives are right, and you have thought through the what, to whom and how much to share, do not let fear be the barrier between your peace of mind and rest (assuming thats your end goal).

Do not mask it and think a laugh is better than a cry because sometimes the cry is actually our saving grace.

If you or someone you know need to release some things, email me on info@mymindmyfunk.com

Sending love and light,

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