What being committed is doing to my #mentalhealth

7:59:00 PM

Having lived with bipolar for 10+ years, bed has been one of my go to places when things got heavy (read, when i am on  the depression side of things)...I'd stay in bed for the longest time (read days/weeks) 

But in this season I am learning about commitment, committing to the main things in my life and in a way it is also speaking to my mental health and recovery journey (I have been depression free and seizure free for sometime now

I am learning to stick it out even when everything and everyone around justifies why I should tap out.

I am holding on, even when I have every reason to quit, 

Holding on, especially when I have every reason to quit

...holding on, 

sticking it out, 

not tapping out, 

being committed because i am built to last

📷 of my Ireland room at the Westwood Hotel, Galway 

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