J O U R N A L I N G - Day 4 / #100DaysofMentalHealth

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My name is Sitawa and I am love journaling, who am I cheating...I have a confession , I am a journal junkie...I love the plain paper types and have been collecting and pouring my life into them since I was a kid...used to hide it under my matress and write about the cute boys in class and what I wanted to do when I turned 18. 

Never understood why as a child 18 was a big deal.

So anyway I turned 18 and unfortunately got sexually assaulted and my dreams were sorta kinda shattered and I have spend the last 14years trying to piece everything back together and I have my journals to that for it.

Once upon a time all I had were these papers and I couldn't share with anyone what I was going through because I didn't know who to share with or where to go and that frustration as I wrote it over and over in these pages grew into a mission to try as much as God allows me to be there for others...this blog that caught Google Africa's attention and eventually gave birth to my fullblown mental health work and a free mental health support line was my answer to that need to do something.

I started a new version of my life in those pages, a version different from the one I had as a kid...a version that earned me titles and recognitions. Now that I have written myself to recovery (6months so far without having a seizure or going through depression and mania) I am writing another version, I am writing the next chapter of my life which I am very excited about and cannot wait to share with all of you who have faithfully read some of my journal entries in the form of posts.

Why do I love journaling?‎ Because everyday when I open a new page, it is a new lease of life...something I needed most when I sexually assaulted, something I needed to start my recovery and this paper and pen never failed.

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