Mental Health and The Church (Day 19/ #100DaysofMentalHealth)

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(Spoiler Alert; this is another long dreams come true post, here is the first

I have been following the work Pst Rick Warren (You might know him from Purpose Driven Life books) and his wife have been doing in the mental health field ever since they went public about their son's suicide ...we rarely see (or hear) the church speak openly about mental health, suicide or depression and if they do, it's not as matters that need treatment and community... having faced my own share of being told maybe my faith ain't strong enough or that I have a spirit by the church, I was excited to learn about their work in starting these conversations in church. 

They have a mental health conference lined up in October and before my speaking tour began, I tweeted that I'd like to go for it if I had the funds.

Today is not October but I had fellowship at the place I wished I would be 3 months from now. Interestingly Derwin Gray was the guest speaker and he also mentioned about mental health activities his church is doing... it's amazing how God saw it best for me to be here now and hear that it is possible to have these conversations and awareness done from the pulpit. 

I am hoping to attend one of mental health meetings before I leave to learn a thing or two in starting such meets up in places of worship which most of the times are people's places of refuge but if they don't have the right information become places to torture and self doubt.

When people are suffering due to their mental health conditions they need fellowship and community around them and the church has a big role to play in all this.

Loved this tweet when i put out my thoughts on religion and mental health

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