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Good evening Beautiful people, 

How has the week been? 

Mine has been amazing, i lie....it has been phenomenal. 

If you are a regular here, you know how my work keeps morphing based on the needs on the ground but always striving to see people in Africa get access to proper mental health information and appropriate support. 

So today for my #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge I was reflecting on growth after a blog post by one of my 2014 Kibera students and a phone call which confirmed four new locations i will be focusing my advocacy in for the next 4 or so months...yes i will be working in Kibera (again but different location), Korogocho, Kariobangi South and Eastleigh. 

Some of you might have met Spring via my #100daysofmentalhealth graphic,
today you will meet her up close and candid.

As  I reflected on the time span between the call and the notification of the post, I couldnt help but think that it was all God scripted because both occurrences are intertwined...what i did in Kibera in 2014 actually gave birth to these 4 new locations, here is how;

In 2014, I did a try out in Kibera for a youth mental health awareness program (which to date the participants still ask for a season 2). The 14 week program used debates, movies, discussions, set up blogs and group activities like picnics and games to discuss mental health all of which saw us bond, learn a lot and some get coverage on Citizen TV. 

When I won the Google Award after the first season of the program,  i put the program on hold to concentrate on my FREE mental health SMS line which got 25,000 messages from Kenyans across the country and provided support to over 11,000 for the year it ran.

Last year Amani Institute gave me a scholarship for their Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation program. I used that opportunity to  work on a version 2.0 of the youth awareness program for my class project and my class mates and the judges voted for it as the best project.

After we finished school, I kept working on it till I came up with name Spring by My Mind, My Funk, simply #SpringbyMMMF.  Spring focuses specifically on the preventative and social aspects of mental health which I personally think are as important as the curative aspects if not more important. Curative looks at building more hospitals, educating more health care providers...curative expects more people to get sick and prepares for that. Preventative and in a larger extend, Spring by MMMF Looks at how can we give people tools and skills to take care of how they think, act and feel (btw that is a loose definition of mental health) before they get to that extreme that requires curative services?

As mentioned from the activities we did with the Kibera group and also with my current #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge, Spring is a very hands on way of providing people with Tools For Everyday Life using their social context. The skills and tools vary based on group (and individual) needs.

The services offered by Spring go hand in hand with the other my mind my funk information and support programs - awareness drives, weekly tweetchat and linkages to mental health service providers. 

During the 2nd quarter of 2016, I had a successful pilot of #SpringbyMMMF in Kariobangi South (which the participants too want to keep going) and we did vision boards and made it more personal unlike the Kibera one and since we were all girls, we had the most intimate discussions and allowed ourselves to cry and share our fears and ambitions.

This evening, I confirmed I will be doing 4 simultaneous sessions of Spring by MMMF from Aug 22 - Nov 19 in Korogocho, Kibera, Kariobangi South and Eastleigh and you cannot know how overwhelmed i am right about now.

I am humbled that God has trusted me with all these young people and provides all these creative and engaging ways to teach them about mental health and self care and following their passions and making them into tangible things like i did.

I am grateful for all the amazing people He sent my way to help with this journey from Hital who interviewed me in 2013 for a program i didnt get into but kept in touch and linked me to Kibera Soweto East Centre, to Pollination Project for seeding the change for both the 2014 tryout ‎in Kibera and for the pilot earlier this year, to Kibera Soweto East Resource Centre for hosting us weekly in 2014 and Miriam and the Nairobits team for opening their doors to me

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Special Shout out to all of you who signed up for the online tryouts, to the young people who go through my sessions find them useful as they not only learn about mental health but get tools to take care of themselves and those around them leaving room for them to concentrate on the things and the people they love, to Kyalo for your blog post today...you really moved me...my Internet family, you knew me when all i had was just this blog...look at the CV now...i cannot forget my BasicNeeds family where I started my advocacy from, Amani Family - it has been one year of making this program since i joined school and i am glad you were part of this journey, i prototyped and now i am on the last step of the framework before going back to one.

Last but not least, again God, if start talking about who He is and what He has done for me through and through, I won't finish...so allow me to say, none of it would have been possible without Him...I am nothing without Him.

#SpringbyMMMF will soon be opening online sessions and 3 day marathon sessions for those interested but cannot meet weekly for an extended period of time.  Email me on info@mymindmyfunk.com also if you just want an afternoon of mental health awareness drive in your school, workplace or place of worship - church, mosque

Here is Kyalo's sheng poem (someone translate)
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Sending love and light, 
Sitawa Wafula

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  1. Thanks Sitawa I almost cried too when I remember the old memories with u plus my friends too keep the good work nature other students like me in our new session at korogosho hope one day I will come to say hi to them if u allow me to