Day 29 - 36 #100DaysofMentalHealth Omnibus

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Good morning beautiful people,

My apologies on being behind on updating all of you who do not follow me on Instagram and Facebook about the #100DaysofMentalHealth Challenge. Well alot have been happening behind the scenes and i am at that point in the tunnel trail where i see light up to come soon.

Back to the challenge, I am on Day 44, and as you may have noticed, my days morphed from calendar days to more of events and moments. You can catch the previous omnibus Part 1 (Day 6-12) and Part 2 (Day 13-18). For this catch up, I will do two selected swipes, Part 3 ( Day 29 - 36) and Part 4 (Day 37 - 44)

Day 29 was on my time back home from my US trip which i need to blog about many amazing things happened but for the sake of this omnibus, i will mention i went at 55kgs, came back a month later with additional kgs thanks to all those microwave meals so it was only right to get some sort of detox thing happening to clear my system and free my body and every part of me.

Day 31is about fighting with rest, i had jet lag for days like it literally took me almost a month for my body to get back and in the beginning i fought it but then i saw the need and importance of resting when i need to, when i deserve it

Day 35 was about a fun activity of listing 100 dreams the caption on why i loved this activity
L I S T O F 1 0 0 D R E A M S - Day 35/ #100DaysofMentalHealth is about another challenge and another list and another 100...I have a trend here my people, huh? I have been going a rough patch hence the inconsistent posting and to keep my mind off it, I have been compiling my #listof100Dreams which i am pretty excited about and more excited about how it is exciting me...I am yet to get to 100 but wanted to share this tool and ask you to join me and see what items you come up with. How does this help boost my #mentalhealth you ask? From what I have done so far, it is amazing how my mind creates events and images and meaning and connections just by thinking about it and when something excites me I am sending it love and light from my paper to the heavens type of cheer...this exercise excites me and I luh luh love excited Sitawa, it gives me hope, a reason be even with all that's going on...I feel like I am now deliberately slowing the process so that I don't get to 100 because of the high every dream gives me 
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