Day 37 - 44 #100DaysofMentalHealth Omnibus

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Back again Sweetlings with Part 4 of the #100DaysofMentalHealth Challenge (here  is Part 1 (Day 6-12),  Part 2 (Day 13-18) and Part 3 (Day 29 - 36) incase you missed them -  you can also follow me on either Instagram or Facebook to catch up.

Day 39 is about making a list of things that make you smile...isnt she lovely

Day 42 was me mashing up my morning runs and evening walks for afternoon strolls and van across the street moments (read caption)

A F T E R N O O N S T R O L L S ::: The more God expands my territories, the more I yearn to spend more alone time with Him, just listening as He pours into my heart, mind and soul. In June I did the #JaneJohnsonQuietTimeChallenge by @jane_johnson which focused alot on Luke 1-10 and i noticed (and listed - Lk 4:42, Lk 5:16, Lk 6:12, Lk 9:18) verses of Jesus getting away from everyone else to consult with God. That really blew me away because He being God, did not consider himself as such but always took time to either rise up early or go to the mountain or a solitary place to meet with God...He was like an undercover agent, always going to the 'van across the street' to give feedback and get points for the next step. (I know I need to stop watching all these undercover movies and series) Today I decided to get my own van across the street moment after yesterday's confirmation of 4 new locations where I will be hosting my #SpringbyMMMF program from Aug 22 - Nov 19. I didn't need clarity of mind so that I come up with amazing creative ideas of teaching these young Kenyans about #mentalhealth , I needed God to take it over and use this opportunity to show Himself to all the young people I will be interacting with over those 13 weeks. So I substituted my usual alternation of morning runs and evening walks for an afternoon stroll. I went off my usual trail and as usual, He showed up and went beyond my request. For now, all I can say is that it was an amazing 2+ hours and I can't wait for all this to manifest. I love #BibleStudy and Church but this right here is my new fav thing (until I discover another amazing way to touch base w/ God)...closes van door looks left, looks right, puts shades on (did Jesus have shades) and goes back to work :) Happy Saturday people and be sure to touch Base with God this weekend through some alone time. . . . 
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Day 43 was about going back to old ways with a twist, threading bottles (see tutorial here)

Day 44 was about discovering backyard treasures...sometimes we go so far to search for what is right under our noses

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